15+ Wonderful Sims 4 Dreads CC

Sims 4 dreads CC for simmers who love unique things!!

For those looking to add dreads to their Sims 4 game, custom content (CC) is the way to go. There are great-looking Sims 4 dreads hair CC available for download. This post is a catalog or roundup of my favorite dreads CC.

Sims 4 Dreads Hair CC

DAIJA Dreads by sheabuttyr

This creative hairstyle CC has two versions: version 1 is neater while version 2 has some longer strands on the front. No matter which one you pick, remember to adjust the hair color to your sim’s personality and style! This CC has various swatches!

DAHAYA Dreads by sheabuttyr

Sheabuttyr is such a talented Sims 4 CC creator! These first two CC are crafted by her and they look so good!

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FAUNA Hair by okruee

Okruee is also an amazing TS4 CC creator. This hairstyle CC is proof!

This custom content is available in two versions: with or without bangs (front strands). It comes with 24 EA swatches so you can have a good amount of color options to pick from!

CALLIOPE Hair by okruee


How gorgeous is that?!!

This stunning hairstyle is a must-have if you want your female sim to have a stylish dread hairstyle!

This is available in 24 EA swatches and for both frames.

STELLA Hair by okruee

I told you, right?! Okruee is fantastic!

This hairstyle CC once again proves how creative is the CC creator!

It has three versions! One without front strands, another one with a single front strand, and the last one with a strand on both sides (double strands).

My favorite one is the one with no bangs, although the one with two strands looks great too!

GODDESS Dreads by Nolan-Sims

This attractive hairstyle CC is available in two version. The version 1 has the original hairline while the version 2 doesn’t.

This maxis match dreads hairstyle CC is a good idea to make your female sim look more confident.

YVETTE Dreads by Nolan-Sims

If you’re looking for a short dreads hairstyle CC with an ombre look, this is the answer!

You can download the hair CC as is or you can also download the ombre overlay. I recommend downloading both and letting your sim try them and see how cute she becomes!

IMANI Hair by Nolan-Sims

A messy bun dreads hairstyle with bangs! How cool is that?! Oh, BTW, if you don’t like the bangs, you can download the no-strands version.

Also, take a look at the cute metal beading. You can actually change the color of it! Just don’t forget to download and install the hair clips package.

WILLA Hairstyle by simcelebrity00

This hairstyle CC is so beautiful! You can download the CC on TSR, while the ombre accessory download link can be found on her Patreon.

ELISA Hair by simstrouble

without scarf overlay package
solid color scarf
pattern swatch scarf

If you want your sim to have a dread hairstyle and a 70s vibe, try this custom content! Styling up a dread hairstyle with a scarf is nearly effortless and yet so stylish!

Don’t forget to download the scarf overlay as well (if not, the scarf will be just plain white). Once it’s installed you can find it in the hat category.

There are various swatches available! Pick your favorite hairstyle version and the scarf that truly suits your sim’s personality!

NITTY DREADS by drteekaycee

If you’re looking for a dread hairstyle CC for your toddler/child sim, try this one!

It’s a cute CC and it’s a great idea when your adult sim already wears a dread hairstyle and you want your little sim to have a similar kind of hair.

MONTROSE Hair CC by simstrouble

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CHAD DREADS by Birksche

Dread hairstyle comes in various versions, even among men! If you want to let your male sim have a dreads hairstyle that isn’t too long, maybe you can try this CC! It’s short and simple. Don’t forget that you can style it with a hat!

DARAN Kids DREADS by Birksche

Male kids can wear dreads too! And they can wear it in a stylish way. This creative custom content is a great way to let your little sim look unique!

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ANAYA Hair by aharris00britney

This hair CC is one of my favorites on this list! It looks so pretty and feminine. If you feel that the color doesn’t suit your sim’s skin tone, don’t worry because it comes in 24 EA swatches so you can pick the one that you need!

THEO Hair by Dogsill

A simple yet stunning dreads hairstyle CC which is brilliant!

This dreads CC has a classy vibe so it’s perfect for sims with a calm or relaxed personality. With this custom content, you can give your sim some ethnic vibe while keeping her elegant look.

So, which one is your favorite Sims 4 dreads hair CC? I hope you find something cute in this post!

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