15 STYLISH Sims 4 Male Hair CC To Download NOW!

Check out these cool Sims 4 male hair CC and use them to make your male sims look so much better!!

With these custom content, you can give some “personality” to your male sim! Different hairstyle sparks different moods and they can drastically change the overall vibe of your sim look!

Sims 4 Male Hair CC

Luutzi Male Hair CC

Let’s begin this list with this wavy hair CC for male sims.

It can look super good on adult sims!

This looks handsome, especially when paired with the right skin tone and the right outfit. I think a plain, button shirt is a gorgeous match for this hair!


This wonderful hair CC is great for teens and adult sims.

It’s base game compatible and it’s available in 24 swatches. So, pick the color that suits your sim best!

Remember that the hairs are available with or without strands. I think the one with strands looks better for vacation or casual days!

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S-Club 090123Jae Men’s Short Hair CC

Anto HUGO Male Hair CC

This simple hair CC is simply amazing!

This male hair CC is hat-compatible and it’s available in 27 color swatches! So, get ready to make a choice!

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Simstrouble CARMINE Male Hair CC

If your sim needs handsome, short hair, check out this CC.

It’s short, thick, and looks clean on the face. So, it can be an option when your male sim is wearing formal attire.



Wingssims WINGS-OE0818 Hair CC

Nords DORIE Hair CC

Is your male sim a dad? If so, consider letting him wear this cute hair!

To me, it looks cozy and nice.. I guess it looks comfortable? Haha! Anyway, this hair CC looks good! It’s available in 24 swatches so you can pick the right color for your sim!

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Woah, look at that top! It’s so stylish!

This cool male hair CC is suitable for teen and adult sim. It’s available in 17 color swatches!

Marigolde MATTHEW Hair CC

This hair CC is available for both male and female.

It looks creative and casual. If you love curly hair, don’t forget to check out this CC!

Simstrouble MONTROSE Hair CC

Does your male sim need some dreadlocks? If so, do check out this long male hair CC!

This kind of hair CC provides some diversity in the middle of short hair CC.

It’s creative and unique!

Okruee Hermes Hair CC

This gorgeous hair CC is base-game compatible and available in 24 EA swatches!

It looks stylish yet effortless! So cool for young adult sims!


Do you need more curly hair CC for your male sim? If so, you need to check out this hair CC!

It’s available in 24 color swatches so you can pick the right color that suit your sim!

Aladdin-the-Simmer Max Hair CC

Probably one of the coolest short hair CCs for male sims.

This stylish hair CC can be a perfect choice for a casual occasion!

It’s available in 24 EA swatches so you can pick the color that suits your sim skin tone best!

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