12 GREAT-LOOKING Sims 4 Child Hair CC

Are you looking for a Sims 4 child hair CC to add to your CC folder?

The Sims 4 kids hair CC can take your little sims’ look to the next level when you choose the right one!

Don’t forget to consider your sim’s personality when dressing them up and choosing the hair CC for them! 😃

Sims 4 Child Hair CC

Check out these gorgeous Sims 4 kids hair CC!

Sims 4 Child Hair CC by MSQSIMS

Don’t forget that the child hair CC must suit your little sim’s personality and style!

If your little sim has a princess-like style, you might want to consider this long hairstyle CC!

Sims 4 Kids Hair CC by Arethabee

Aretha is such an awesome The Sims 4 CC creator. This hair CC is just a simple proof among so many others!

Child hair CC can make your sim look unique and stunning at the same time. Just like this one!

Arethabee Marie Hair CC

This child hair CC is base-game compatible and available in 15 EA Colors!

Arethabee Azalea Hair CC

Arethabee Rebekah Hair CC

This beautiful hair CC is hat-compatible and available in 15 EA color swatches!

Arethabee Eva Hair CC

QICC Clover Hair CC

There are various child hair CC out there and you can choose between alpha CC or maxis match CC.

If you need a short maxis match hair CC for kids, consider this one! It has 15 color swatches that you can choose from!

QICC Sam Hair CC

It’s a simple hairstyle with a great look, isn’t it? If you need a long, straight hair CC, do check out this one!

QICC Betsy Hair CC

Do you like a pigtail hairstyle with bubble braids? If so, let your little sim try it! Download this CC and install it on your TS4 game!

QICC Nettie Hair CC

QICC Kira Hair CC

If you love cottagecore vibes, you might need to consider this hair CC. A long hair with a headscarf is a fantastic idea! It’s a gorgeous hairstyle CC!

Juan Karlos and Alon Hair CC

The juan karlos hair CC and along hair CC are crafted by Marsosims. Then, those custom contents are converted into the child version by Celeschul.

Sims 4 hair CC for kids can be a great addition to your CC folder. So, which one is your favorite child hairstyle CC?