Okruee’s Sims 4 CC [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Okruee Sims 4 CC is mostly about stunning custom hair. Usually, it’s with maxis-match or mix style.

This list contains my favorite TS4 CC by Okruee!

Okruee Sims 4 CC

Okruee Angeline Hair CC

This amazing hair-CC is of course, base-game compatible. It comes in 24 EA swatches so you don’t need to worry about the color options!

Okruee Petra Hair cc

Super cute hairstyle with tiny pigtails! It’s available in two versions: with strands or without strands. Pick the one that you like!

Okruee Ophelia Hair CC

With strands or without strands?? You got the options for it! So, check out this awesome Ophelia Hair CC by Okruee!

Okruee Thalia Hair CC

So amazing!! You can find the hairclips color overlay in the hat category!

Okruee Bordeaux Hair CC

Such an elegant hair CC for your pretty sim!

Fauna Hair CC

It’s base-game compatible and hat-compatible. Also, it is available in 24 EA swatches!

If you don’t like the front bangs, you can pick the default version.

Okruee Melina Hair CC

Again, this hair CC by Okruee is available in two versions: with or without strands. So, choose the one that you love the most!

This stunning hair CC by Okruee is available in 24 EA swatches!

Okruee Shiloh Hair CC

Do you like scrunchie??? If so, do check out this hairstyle CC! There are three packages available to download: the default version, the version without extra strands, and the scrunchie overlay.

Okruee Bonnie Hair CC

Do you love curly hair? If so, do check out this hair CC!

You have the option to pick: one with strands or one without strands.

BTW, if you truly love curly hair don’t forget to check out Sims 4 Curly Hair CC!

Okruee Ana Hair cc

Isn’t it so beautiful??

It’s base-game compatible and available in 24 swatches!

Okruee Ariadne Hair CC

This hair CC is so gorgeous!!

It’s hat-compatible and base-game compatible!

Okruee Marg Hair CC

Oh! How pretty is that?!

This looks simple yet so beautiful!

You can try to find the bandana (headband) overlay in the hat category!

Okruee Caesar Hair CC

It can be a good hair option for teens!

Okruee Sylvester Hair CC

Okruee Funke Hair CC

Woah, how gorgeous is that?!

I mean, it looks cool, casual, and stylish!

Okruee Valen Hair CC

It looks nice although it seems long. If you want your male sim to have rather long, wavy hair, don’t forget to check out this CC!

Okruee Hermes Hair CC

I think this hair CC looks so cool! If you want to make your male sim look more handsome, consider this awesome hair CC!

So, what do you think? Which one is your favorite Okruee Sims 4 CC? If you like this post, don’t forget to check out Sims 4 Hair CC, Sims 4 Black Girl Hair CC, and Sims 4 Male Hair CC!