Sims 4 CC Clothes for Female Sims!

Grab these gorgeous Sims 4 CC clothes and make your female sim even prettier!

Are you ready to take your sims to the next level? If so, why not have a look at some of the best sims 4 female CC clothes out there? Whether you’re looking for something chic and sophisticated or something fun and playful, there should be something in this selection that fits your sim’s style. From dresses and jumpsuits to hoodies and jeans, here are awesome sims 4 CC clothes for you to choose from!

Learn how to install Sims 4 CC.

Where to find Sims 4 Clothes CC

If you’re looking for sims 4 CC clothes, there are a few different places you can look. The Sims Resource is one of the most popular sims 4 CC websites. Here, you’ll find a range of sims 4 clothing that includes everyday styles as well as special occasion wear. Patreon is another cool website where you can find talented CC creators and support them. Also, don’t forget Pinterest, a visual search engine where you can find sims 4 CC clothes by using the search bar.

During your CC hunt, you might find various CC from multiple creators. Each of those CC creators has their own style, so pick the one that suits your taste the best. Remember that some CC might be different requirements (for example, some CC require you to download a mod or a mesh or it won’t work).

Wildflowers CC Pack by Aretha

aretha sims 4 cc

Beautiful sims 4 CC clothes with a cottage core vibe. It includes 1 top, 3 dresses, one skirt, and a pair of boots. The clothing set comes is super pretty with a delicate look and patterns. Perfect for sims who want to channel a summery, hippie-chic look.

Belaloallure CC Pack by Belaoallure

This female clothing CC pack features a simple dress, a coat, and pants.

The coat looks so stylish! It’s not a mere coat, instead, it’s a coat over a turtle neck top. You can easily combine this piece with high-waisted pants, just like shown in the picture.

This custom content could be a good idea when you prefer solid-colored clothing CC over patterned ones.

Anna Top by Toksik

This super stylish Sims 4 clothing CC is super attractive. It’s a crop top with a neck choker, perfect for pairing up with jeans or skirts. It comes in various color swatches so you can mix and match to create different looks.

22 Summer by SeoulSoul

This clothing CC pack is super cute! It has cool clothing pieces for everyday wear.

This features a backless top, layered strappy top, layer tank top, cargo pants, training long skirt, and training miniskirt. Each of them is available in various color swatches so you have wide options to choose from!

Casual Friday CC Pack by Belaoallure

This gorgeous clothing CC pack includes sweatpants, shorts, a puffer jacket, a top (which basically is a casual jacket), a t-shirt dress, and a solid-colored short dress with long sleeves.

This CC has a youthful and sporty vibe. So, if your female sim has that kind of lifestyle, probably you need this CC installed on your game!

Vellichor CC Pack by Clumsyalien

Clumsyalien has such amazing taste when creating Sims 4 custom content.

This Sims 4 clothes CC pack is just another proof.

This features a vest, a sweater, two kinds of pants, and two hairstyles CC!.

Cardigan CC by Boonstow

This daisy knit cardigan by Boonstow is just too cute to miss!

If you want to add one pretty thing to your Sims 4 CC folder, do consider this clothing CC!

Vintage Tapestry Dress CC by Miiko

It’s beautiful clothing CC by Miiko. It’s a lovely, gorgeous creation with 20 swatches that you can choose from. The dress has a pretty floral pattern on the torso and it also has puffy sleeves with ribbons, giving it a feminine and elegant look.

Heart Midi Dress by Dreamgirl

Such a lovely, adorable clothing CC for female sims!

This midi dress could be a fantastic idea when you want your sim to look girly or ladylike!

Barbara Short Dress by BackTrack

This dress looks simple yet stylish! It’s suitable for nearly all adult female sims regardless of their personality.

It has 10 swatches which means you can choose the one that suits your sim’s skin tone. Though this clothing CC can be paired with various hairstyles, be careful when choosing the makeup and shoes to match with!

Straight Fit Wide Denim by Euno Sims

If you ever need some jeans CC to install on your game, do consider this one!

It can be paired with either t-shirts or blouses of any color.

This comes in 30 swatches so be sure to pick the one that suits your sim’s top!

Fleece Hoodie and Fleece Shorts by BackTrack

If you need some sporty clothing CC, do check out this one!

The hoodie comes in 30 swatches while the shorts have 15 swatches. This looks so good and perfect for active or youthful female sims!

Mahe Skirts by Blue Craving

Skirts do come in various lengths and they have different vibes.

If you love to see your female sim wearing skirts every day, maybe this CC is perfect for you.

This skirt CC has 3 versions of length: short, midi, and long (not super long, but it covers the knees).

Each version comes in 16 color swatches and each swatch has two versions (the plain one and the squared one). I think the pain version looks so pretty!

You can try any of these skirts on your female sim and pair them with a simple t-shirt or a solid-colored blouse!

So, what do you think? Which one is your favorite female clothing CC? If you like this post, don’t forget to check out: Sims 4 Clothing CC and Sims 4 Hair CC.

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