How to Add CC to Sims 4 EASILY

How to add CC to Sims 4? That sounds a bit challenging at first but it’s actually pretty easy! In this post, you can learn how to install CC on Sims 4 easily!

Playing The Sims 4 without any CC is like eating ice cream without any topping. Sure, it’s delicious already. But you can make it so much more exciting when you add fan-made custom content to your game!

You can find cool things on these Sims 4 CC websites. Some of them just display the CC and some of them actually contain the download link so you can directly download it from them.

Now, that you have found your favorite Sims 4 CC on the internet, you probably just can’t wait to let your sim have it.

So, without further ado, check out this simple guide on how to install CC on Sims 4!

How to Add CC to Sims 4

It’s super easy. Follow these steps on how to add CC to Sims 4:

1. Download the CC

Where are you currently in the process? Have you already landed on the page that contains the actual download link?

If you found the Sims 4 CC on Patreon, usually the download link is available at the bottom of the post (above the comment section).

If you’re on The Sims Resource, you can easily click the download button.

If you’re on Pinterest, Sims 4 Updates, or other websites that display CC instead of hosting the actual item, usually those websites will redirect you to the real page (another website) that has the CC file. Follow their instructions, normally they will have a clickable button or picture so you can get into the download page. Once you’re on the true CC page, click the download link or button.

If everything is normal, once you click the button/link, your CC should be automatically downloaded to your computer.

2. Unzip the CC File

Sims 4 CC file is usually packed in .zip or .rar file. In order to use the CC, you will need to unzip the file.

So, find the file on your computer. It’s probably in the download folder.

Then, right-click on it and click the option to extract the file.

3. Place the Unzipped File inside the Mods Folder

Alright, after extracting the zipped file, can you see the new unzipped file? It’s normally a folder containing all things related to your new CC.

Now, right-click on that folder and choose “cut”. Alternatively, you can just left-click the button, and on your keyboard press Ctrl+X.

Then, get ready because you will need to find another place on your computer where you can safely place that file.

Find your “Documents” folder. Inside the Documents folder, find the “Electronic Arts” folder. Inside that folder, find “The Sims 4” folder. Double-click on it and find the “Mods” folder.

And there, inside the “Mods” folder, you can right-click and paste the unzipped file. You can also simply press Ctrl+V on your keyboard.

So, the path is usually Documents>>Electronic Arts>>The Sims 4>>Mods.

What if you have landed on The Sims 4 folder and you can’t find any folder named “Mods”?

If you currently don’t have a “Mods” folder, you can create it. Inside the empty Mods folder, you can paste the unzipped CC file.

4. Launch the Game

Now, find the Sims 4 or Origin app on your computer and launch the game.

5. Enable the Custom Content

On The Sims 4 game, navigate to the options and find the “GAME OPTIONS” tab.

Go to the “Other” tab. There, check the box that says “Enable Custom Content and Mods”

6. Restart the Game

If, during your process of installing the CC your TS4 was already open, close the game now and relaunch it. Remember to enable custom content after that.

Your new Sims 4 CC should be ready to use.

And that’s how you can easily install custom content on Sims 4!