25+ Sims 4 Clothing CC That Look GREAT

Are you on the hunt for Sims 4 clothing CC? You can take a look at this list below and grab your favorite CC clothes for the game!

Clothes CC for The Sims 4 is one of the most wanted custom content. There are so many ways you can dress up your adult sims with. And you can make this process so much more fun with fan-made Sims 4 CC clothing!

BTW, if you’re especially looking for custom clothing for male sims, do check out Sims 4 male clothes CC.

Sims 4 CC Clothes: Adult Clothing CC

Sims 4 Clothing CC Pack by clumsyalien [ROAD TO NOWHERE]

This custom content set is called “Road to Nowhere”. It’s super stylish and it contains cool things to complete your sim’s outfits!

Look at the hair on the sim on the right side, doesn’t it look so cute?! That adorable hair pairs so well with the cute overalls!

This awesome pack has shirts with 15 swatches, t-shirts with 20 swatches, jeans with 10 swatches, overalls with 10 swatches, hair in the EA palette, and a backpack with 10 swatches! All of those items are base-game compatible!

Sims 4 Maxis Match Clothing CC Pack by Mary Sims [GWEN]

This maxis match clothing pack includes a sweater (30 swatches), a t-shirt (35 swatches), and jeans (27 swatches).

You definitely can get super creative with this CC! Mix and match every item as you like but don’t forget to consider your sim’s personality!

Sims 4 Male Clothing CC Pack by FerdianaSims

Male sims are sometimes forgotten or don’t get enough love when it comes to the clothing CC. If you’ve been thinking the same and you’re looking for some custom clothing for your male sim, do check out this CC pack!

This Sims 4 clothing CC pack is designed for male sims of various ages (toddler, child, and adult). It contains SO MANY clothing pieces for men (40 items to be exact). So many of them look really cool and thoughtfully designed!

Maxis Match Clothing CC by Mary Sims [DAISY DRESS]

Such a gorgeous CC for female sims! It comes with a whopping 43 SWATCHES so you’d better get prepared to be fascinated!

This CC is a dream-comes-true for people who love feminine, ladylike clothing CC or anyone who wants to make their female sims look so much prettier!

Sims 4 Female Clothing CC by SimLaughLove [CUTE & DAINTY TANK TOPS]

Are you into tank tops? If so, don’t forget to check out this beautifully-designed tanktop CC!

It has various swatches that you can choose from, be they solid swatches or fun patterns.

You can pair it with different kinds of skirts, jeans, or even leggings.

Sims 4 CC Clothing by oakiyo [HAWTHORN]

How gorgeous is the look?!

This Sims 4 clothing CC has various CAS items that are amazing! It’s base-game compatible and it doesn’t only include clothes but also hair!

This kind of outfit is simple yet elegant. It looks super comfy you probably want to have one in real life!

Sims 4 Female Clothing CC by divinecap [CASUAL BASICS]

Let’s get to the basics, shall we? Plain doesn’t mean boring. In fact, you can elevate your sim look with something simple!

If you love clothing pieces with a minimalist look, do check out this CC! This features wonderfully-designed clothing pieces that look simple yet stunning!

Once you install this CC, you can pair the clothing items with various things!

Sims 4 Clothes CC by Sentate [JULY 2021]

The items inside this CC pack are VERY PRETTY! If you love adorable feminine clothing CC, do check out this one! This CC is also suitable for cottage living style or when you love a cottagecore vibe!

This creative custom content features two kinds of dresses, one with a 3/4 length sleeve and ruffle collar, and one with an oversized collar. Both of them are GORGEOUS you should definitely check them out!

Not only that, this CC still has super pretty blouses, pants, and shorts. All of them are beautiful!

Sims 4 Cardigans CC by dreamgirl

This clothing CC includes cardigans and cable knits in various swatches. It’s a versatile clothing piece that you can pair with different outfits!

I love the green cardigan with floral patterns. However, the white one looks very pretty too. Both of them are perfect for a cozy tea time when the day is cold.

Sims 4 Raincoat CC by ChippedSim

A clothing CC for cold weather!

This raincoat CC is so cute you need to have it! Available in different swatches, you sure have enough options to choose from!

Don’t forget to pair them with the matching pants or dress to make sure that your sim looks great!

Sims 4 Clothing CC Pack by myshunosun [HOLOGRAM]

Myshunosun creates SO MANY awesome Sims 4 custom content, just like this clothing CC pack.

This CC set has 5 CAS items that look gorgeous!

My favorite item in this CC collection is the overalls. It’s available in 16 swatches and it’s base-game compatible. You can pair it with various kinds of t-shirt of any color to make your sim look youthful or cheerful!

Sims 4 Skirt CC by Trillyke [DOROTHY]

Gorgeous clothing CC for skirt lovers!

A skirt is a versatile piece of clothing. You can wear it on various occasions and it can spark different styles, depending on how you wear it.

If you truly want your sim to wear skirts, especially high-waisted skirts, do check out this clothing CC quickly!

Pair it with a super pretty floral blouse to make your sim look super cute!

Sims 4 Clothing CC Pack by Sentate [JANUARY 2021]

This elegant custom content includes an oversized shirt dress, belted pencil dress, cropped tied-up shirt, and buttoned-up shirt with SO MANY color watches that you can choose from.

This clothing CC is more “high-style” instead of everyday items. That being said, you can still keep it just in case your sim needs something stylish to wear for the day.

Sims 4 Jeans CC by Nolan-Sims [TRILL JEANS]

Woah, how cute is that?!!

This is probably one of my favorite Sims 4 jeans CC!

You can combine it with various things from crop tops, blouses, or even regular t-shirts. It’s super versatile so don’t be afraid to mix and match!

This jeans CC includes different kinds of pants including shorts, jeans, and skirts! It comes in various swatches and it’s base-game compatible!

Sims 4 Clothing CC Pack by anessasims [BREAT OF YOUTH]

If you only want to download one thing… ONE THING from this entire list for your female sim, I highly recommend this collection!

This is a beautiful gorgeous Sims 4 clothing CC pack for your feminine sim! It’s base-game compatible!

This includes 5 items i.e. a dress with 16 swatches, a top with 13 swatches, a sweater with 18 swatches, a pair of jeans with 13 swatches, and a bag with 13 swatches!

Sims 4 Cropped Skinnies CC for Female by Trillyke [LOVE ME RIGHT]

If you need more jeans CC for TS4, don’t forget to consider this one!

With this versatile jeans CC, you can help your sim to look pretty almost effortlessly! It’s an awesome custom content for simmers who hate the boring look of blue jeans because this jeans CC comes in various swatches. Oh, BTW, it’s base-game compatible!

Sims 4 Dress CC by Mary Sims [AGATHA DRESS]

This dress CC is too cute to miss!!

A beautiful dress CC that comes with 54 swatches!! It’s not only pretty, it’s also super gorgeous and too hard to resist!

If you want to make your sim look super cute and pretty at the same time, do install this custom content on your game! It’s so worth it!

Sims 4 Beautiful Dress CC by Miiko [STRAWBERRY DRESS]

As if this list doesn’t have enough pretty dress CC… Here is an amazing clothing CC with a feminine vibe!

Looking for some adorable clothing CC for your female sim? Then check out this beautiful midi dress!

It features a gorgeous dress.. yep, as you can see in the picture! The strawberry patterns are so perfect for summer!

Sims 4 Female Clothing CC by Saliwa [SKINNY FIT JEANS]

Another SIms 4 jeans CC for jeans lovers!

If you truly love jeans and you want your sim to wear jeans everywhere they go, probably you need more collection of jeans custom content. And if that’s the case, you might need to check out this one!

Pretty jeans for fashionable sims! Look at those pockets!

Sims 4 Clothing CC by sondescent [QUINTUPLE SHORTS]

Want to help your adult sim looks pretty but also sharp? Try this CC!

A pair of good shorts can seriously take your sim’s look to the next level, especially when it’s paired with an elegant top.

This shorts CC is a good idea if you want to add more shorts to your CC folder.

Sims 4 Sporty Clothing CC by sondescent [RIPE STRIPE JOGGERS]

A piece of everyday clothing outfit for your female sim!

Pair it with simple tops like a t-shirt or other casual wear when your sim is relaxing at home!

Don’t worry about the color, it’s available in various swatches so you can pick the one that you love!

Leggings CC by simkath [WOOLRIDGE]

What to wear at home? Well, the list is basically endless, but one of the most popular options is probably leggings. And you can help your female sim look pretty with these cute leggings!

You can pair leggings with practically anything. If your sim is relaxing at home or having an exercise, you can let her wear a tank top or T-shirt. Don’t forget to always pick the right color so the legging and the top look great together!

Sims 4 Clothes CC: Kids & Toddler Clothing CC

Sims 4 Jacket CC by Madlen (KORINNA JACKET)

This clothing CC is made for kids and toddler sims.

Madlen is one of the most amazing clothing CC creators out there.

This cute jacket CC is available in various color swatches!

Sims 4 Cute Toddler Clothing CC by Lillka [AURORA DRESS]

aurora dress cc

This dress looks stunning and pretty! It has 15 swatches and it’s base-game compatible!

This can be worn as a pajama or as an everyday outfit. Just make sure that you’re picking the right swatch to suit the theme of the day.

Also, remember to ALWAYS consider your sim’s personality when choosing an outfit for them. Make sure that their outfit matches their character well.

Sims 4 Girl Clothing CC by KaTPurpura [ALIGHIERI DRESS]

Such a pretty clothing CC for your female kid sim!

You can use this beautiful dress to make your child sim look more gorgeous! The puffy sleeves have ruffly edges which are so cute!

Grab this CC, install it in your game, and use it to make your little sim looks more fashionable!

Sims 4 Toddler Clothing CC by Casteru [GINGHAM BELT DRESS]

A belt dress is a creative and stylish design, and you can let your little sim wear it!

This CC is a great idea to help your toddler look pretty with a belt dress.

Oh, BTW, if you have been playing TS4 for a while and you haven’t checked adorable custom content by Casteru, probably this time you should!

Sims 4 Children Sweater CC by Simiracle [UTILITY SWEATER]

Awesomely-designed sweater CC for kids sims!

This sweater is so versatile and great-looking! Your little sim can use it in various moments and pair it with various shorts!

This clothing CC has 24 swatches so pick the one that you love the most!

Sims 4 Clothing CC: Where to Find Them?

There are so many Sims 4 CC websites out there. If you’re looking for cute clothing CC for your sims, do check out these places:

  • The Sims Resource
  • Patreon
  • Tumblr

Remember, Pinterest and Google are awesome search engines that you can use to look for Sims 4 clothing CC.

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