Sims 4 CC by Aretha (Arethabee) That Are GORGEOUS!

Arethabee Sims 4 CC are so gorgeous!

If you’ve been playing The Sims 4 for a while and enjoy CC shopping (especially Maxis Match CC), you might have stumbled upon some CC by Arethabee. She is one of those talented CC creators with incredible TS4 maxis match CC! It’s easy to get stunned by her custom content!

You can find her CC or CC snapshot (display) on some Sims 4 CC websites such as The Sims Resource and of course, Patreon. Her CC includes various The Sims 4 accessories CC, hair CC, shoes CC, and clothing CC. She also has a makeup CC (eyeshadow CC) in her pretty & savage collection.

This post will show some of them (not all). This will be a quick catalog of Arethabee’s creations. So, check out these Aretha Sims 4 CC and download the one that you love the most!

Arethabee Sims 4 CC

Arethabee Azelea Hair CC

Arethabee creates wonderful custom content, just like this hair CC! It’s base-game compatible and hat compatible. There are 24 EA swatches available for this custom hair!

The best thing about this hair CC is probably the fact that it’s available for all ages! So, do you want your adult female sim to have a matching hairstyle with your child sim? You can do it with Aretha’s Azelea hair CC! The one for toddlers looks so adorable!

Arethabee Skye Hair CC

When downloading this skye hair CC, don’t forget to also download the hair root overlay CC file. This hair CC is available in 24 EA swatches and so is the hair root! Oh, BTW, once you install both files on your game, you can try to find the hair root overlay on the face paint category!

Arethabee Juliette Hair CC

It’s such beautiful, curly long hair! If you’re looking for a maxis match curly hair CC, do check out this one!

Oh, BTW, if you want more curly hair CC do check out this catalog: Sims 4 Curly Hair CC.

Arethabee Vega Hair CC


A top bun hairstyle can be simple, clean, and elegant, just like this one!

Arethabee June Hair CC

If you want your female sim to have a sleek look, consider this hairstyle CC! It looks super simple yet super stylish!

Arethabee Chloe Hair CC

There are two versions available: with and without a little braid on the side. You can pick the one that you need.

Arethabee Rachel Top + Bottom CC

It’s available in 10 matching swatches!

Arethabee Nava Top CC

This stylish top CC is available in 25 swatches! It pairs so well with a mini skirt and fancy accessories!

Arethabee Wildflowers CC Pack

Who can resist this gorgeous clothing CC pack?! Those dresses are too pretty to miss!

It consists of three dresses, a top, a skirt, and a pair of boots.

The dresses are so feminine and ladylike! The Alyssa dress (the long one) can be perfect for cottagecore vibe, especially when you choose the right swatches!

Arethabee Daisy Earrings CC

I mean, how pretty is that?!

It’s available in two versions so you can pick the one that suits your sim’s style the most!

So, what do you think? Which one is your favorite Aretha Sims 4 CC? I hope you find what you’re looking for on this page. And don’t forget to check out other gorgeous Sims 4 CC: Sims 4 CC by Madlen || Sims 4 CC by Clumsyalien || Sims 4 CC by Okruee