Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheat

Satisfaction points cheat is one of the most popular Sims 4 cheats. It’s useful and I guess every simmer needs to know this!

First, enable cheat in the game, then type sims.give_satisfaction_points 1000 and hit enter to give your sim 1000 satisfaction points INSTANTLY.

Of course, you can modify the number as you want.

Satisfaction points are basically rewards in TS4. It helps you improve your sim life or trait. With satisfaction points, you can purchase the actual Rewards in the game such as Focused Potion, Happy Potion, or Instant Fun.

So, the more satisfaction points your sim has, the more rewards you can buy to enhance your sim’s skills, mood, and career in the game.

The normal path to gain satisfaction points is by completing aspirations, whims, holidays, or scenarios.

However, you can speed up the process by, ahem, applying a cheat code.

Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheat

The cheat code to get Satisfaction Points is sims.give_satisfaction_points (followed by the number of points you want).

Yes, you can enter any amount of satisfaction points you can think of.

So, for example, if you want to give 1000 satisfaction points to your sim, you can type:

sims.give_satisfaction_points 1000

However, in order to apply that code you will need to follow a certain steps.

How to enable Satisfaction Points cheat in Sims 4

First of all, you will need to enable cheats in the game. There are other cheats that you can try for Sims 4 and satisfaction points cheat is just one of them.

No matter what kind of cheats you try to apply, always make sure that the cheats are enabled first.

How to enable cheats in Sims 4?

You will need to open the cheat box. Different platform requires different command.

  • If you’re on PC, press Ctrl+ Shift + C on your keyboard.
  • If you’re on Mac, press Command + Shift + C on your keyboard.
  • If you’re on PS4 or Xbox One console, press all four triggers.

Then take a look at your screen. You should see a new dialog box (most probably at the top left corner of your screen).

Type this: testingcheats true

Hit enter.

After cheat is enabled, you will need to enter the actual Sims 4 satisfaction points cheat code.

How can I get 5000 satisfaction points?

Now, let’s say you want 5000 points.

Type this: sims.give_satisfaction_points 5000

Hit enter.

The 5000 satisfaction points should be automatically added to your sim.

If for any reason you want to remove a certain number of satisfaction points, you can change the number with negative mark in front of it.

For example, if you want to remove 1000 satisfaction points from your sim you can type: sims.give_satisfaction_points 5000 after enabling the cheats.

How to Spend the Satisfaction Points in Sims 4

So, how many satisfaction points have you given to your sim? 5000? 10000?

Now, how can you spend all of those satisfaction points?

You can use them to get rewards!

Select a sim and find their aspiration panel. Then, select Reward Store.

Reward Store contains offers so many items that you can choose to help your sim have a better life.

The rewards are categorized into two groups: Traits and Potions. Traits are permanent. For every trait, every sim can only have it once in their life. Examples of traits are Waterproof (your sim won’t get wet in the rain), Speed Cleaners (your sim can tidy up so much faster), or Forever Full (your sim won’t ever need to eat)

Potions are one-time use and every sim can have them multiple times in their life. Examples of potions are Confident Potion (to make your sim confident temporarily), Happy Potion (to make your sim happy temporarily), or Focused Potion (to make your sim focused temporarily) . Since potions are temporary and can be bought multiple times, they are generally cheaper than Traits.

Now, ask yourself, how do you want to improve your sim’s well being? How do you want to improve their life? Then, pick the reward that is suitable for them! Each reward has a price (satisfaction points) but don’t worry, if later in the game your sim needs more satisfaction points you already know what to do 😉

Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheat: Final Thought

Sims 4 satisfaction points cheat is too good to miss! I mean, every simmer needs to know this! It’s super useful especially when you want your sim to always have a good life!

So, I hope you enjoy this post and the Sims 4 Satisfaction Points cheat code! No matter what cheat you’re trying to use in the Sims 4, always make sure that the cheat is enabled before typing the actual cheat code. Happy simming!