SUPER CUTE Sims 4 Nursery CC For Your Baby Sim!

Looking for some Sims 4 nursery CC to fill up your CC folder? You’re in the right place!

I’ve gathered 10 nursery CC packs for your baby sim (or toddler!) and they are all super cute!

My favorite item in this list is probably #5 because it looks whimsical and simply adorable!

BTW, if you’re currently redecorating your sim house, be sure to check out my post about Sims 4 furniture CC.

If you find something that you truly love in this list, don’t forget to click the DOWNLOAD button to be redirected to a new tab to learn more about the custom content.

Without further ado, let us jump into the list!

Sims 4 Nursery Baby CC Set

1. Helios Nursery Custom Set by Syboulette

helios nursery custom content

This decorative nursery pack is super cute!

It has various items including a sunny rug, curtain, wicker chair, stroller, rattan changing table, and more!

My favorite item in this list is definitely the hanging decor for the crib (animated mobile) which has little clouds and looks really cute!

2. Alice Nursery CC by Mel Bennet

alice nursery cc

This simple CC pack has pretty nursery items such as baby crib, crib mattress, and some toys. You can use this custom content pack to update your baby sim room easily!

3. Stephanie Nursery Furniture CC Pack by Severinka

stephanie nursery furniture cc

If you need pure furniture instead of decorative pieces, this nursery pack is for you!

This custom content set includes baby crib deco, toddler bed, dresser, changing dresser, toy cabinet, bench, empty hanging shelf, and toy-filled hanging shelf.

4. Lily Nursery Decor And Toys CC Pack by Severinka

lily nursery cc

Another GREAT piece of work by Severinka! Yes, she is one of my favorite SIMS 4 CC creators!

This super adorable cc pack specializes in decorative items to make your sim baby nursery room looks and SO MUCH cheerful!

I really love the look of the pretty abacus, but the fairy house is cute too! It’s hard to decide which one is the best in this CC because all of them are designed beautifully!

5. Aura Nursery CC Pack by Nynaeve Design

aura nursery cc

Super cute nursery custom content pack for The Sims 4!

This GORGEOUS nursery CC set is a valid reason not to age your baby sim too soon! This just looks too good to miss!

This pack is perfect if your sim loves something related to the jungle, nature, forest, or animal.

I like the baby mobile. It has a smiling giraffe on it which makes it look so cheerful and funny at the same time!

Oh, BTW, if you want to use the baby crib deco, don’t forget to use an invisible crib mod!

6. Naturalis Nursery CC Pack by SIMScredible!

naturalis nursery cc

Stylish nursery CC pack with wooden furniture

This FANTASTIC nursery custom content pack has sideboard, cabinet, baby changing table, rocking chair, crib canopy veil, and other pretty things for your baby sim or toddler sim room!

You can choose your preferred color since this CC set has some swatches for every furniture item! My personal preference is the normal brown wooden look because it seems so natural and calm.

7. Sleepi Nursery by Onyxium

sleepi nursery

Wonderful custom content pack for your sim nursery room!

This lovely CC pack has basic furniture items and pretty decorative items for the nursery room! It includes a bergere, wardrobe, crib cushions, teddy bear, and some other adorable things!

8. Nursery Wallpaper CC by Theeaax

nursery wallpaper cc

Do you need to update the overall look of your sim nursery room without changing any furniture items? TRY A WALLPAPER INSTEAD!

This amazing wallpaper CC has 6 different swatches you can choose from. Make your toddler sim room look more fun with this creative CC!

9. Freja Nursery CC Pack by myshunosun

freja nursery cc

FASCINATING custom content for a boho nursery vibe!

This elegant nursery CC pack has functional and decorative items and each of them look AMAZING! You can get a cute hanging hair, hanging herbs and flowers, toddler bed frame, toddler bed mattress, faux rug, and some other pretty items!

10. Decor and Children Toys CC Pack by Kardofe

kardofe nursery cc

Decorative nursery stuff CC for The Sims 4!

If you’re TRULY NEEDING pretty decor for your toddler sim room, don’t forget to try this ADORABLE CC pack!

This creative set includes a chair, desk chair, books, and various children’s toys CC that you can use to keep your little sim busy in their room!


What do you think?

Which one is your favorite nursery CC?

I hope you find something good from this post!

This post was all about Sims 4 Nursery CC

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