15 AWESOME Sims 4 Mods to Download Now!

The best Sims 4 mods can significantly improve your gaming experience!

Check out these Sims 4 mods and use them to make your game so much more fun and exciting!

What is a mod, by the way?

A “mod” is short for modification and it refers to a custom-made add-on for your Sims 4 game that enhances or alters its features.

A Sims 4 mod is a custom-made add-on that enhances or alters the Sims 4 gameplay mechanics.

Sims 4 mods are different from Sims 4 CC. CC refers to user-created items such as clothing, furniture, and hairstyles that add more customization options to your Sims and their homes.

Mods often bring new features, improvements, or fixes to your game, while CC allows you to personalize your Sims and their world in unique and creative ways.

Both of them can significantly improve your gameplay! However, in this post, we will focus on The Sims 4 mods 🙂

BEST Sims 4 Mods

More Columns In CAS Mod by weerbesu

more columns in CAS mod

Tired of having limited options while creating Sims in CAS? Well, fear not! The More Columns mod is here to save the day. With this mod, you can now have up to five columns to choose from, allowing you to see more of your options at a glance.

Just a heads up, though – make sure your game’s resolution is high enough to accommodate all the columns. If it’s lower than 1280×720, it might not be enough for the 3 column version. And if it’s lower than 1600×900, the 4 column version may not work either. And for the 5 column version, you’ll need a minimum resolution of 1920×1080.

Stand Still in CAS Mod by helgatisha

How do you make your sim stand still in CAS?

With this mod, you can easily do that!

I guess it makes CAS experience a whole lot easier!

MC Command Center Mod by Deaderpool

This mod is a must-have for anyone who wants to dive into the details of The Sims. If you’re looking for a comprehensive mod that can make your Sims 4 experience even better, then MCCC is the way to go.

The MC Command Center (MCCC) mod is a powerhouse for The Sims 4. It’s not just one mod, but a collection of mods that can be easily accessed in-game. With MCCC, you can change the clock, make your Sims pregnant, and even control NPC Sims by giving them limited commands.

Think of MCCC as a one-stop-shop for all your Sims 4 mod needs. It has everything you need to make your gameplay smooth and engaging. The mod works by adding unique lines of code, changing the core of how the game works, rather than building on the existing code.

UI Cheats Mod by weerbesu

Tired of trying to remember all those individual cheats and having to enter them through a console command? It’s time to say goodbye to the old school way!

With UI Cheats mod by weerbesu, you can control various aspects of Sims 4 with ease. Imagine being able to have unlimited money, or mastering every skill possible, with just a few clicks. How amazing would that be?

So, if you’re ready to unlock the full potential of Sims 4 and make your life a lot easier, just install UI Cheats.

Dark Mode UI For The Sims 4 by Dskecht

Is there a dark mode in The Sims 4? Yes, there is! It’s called Dark Mode UI For The Sims 4.

This mod changes the appearance of the game’s interface to simulate a dark mode theme, making it easier on your eyes during those late-night gaming sessions.

You have two options for installing the mod: Modular or Unified. The Modular version is a customizable option where you can pick and choose which interface elements you want to keep or remove. On the other hand, the Unified version is a all-in-one package that includes everything.

No matter which version you choose, you’ll have the ability to remove the loading screen and the mod comes with patches for potential conflicts with other mods. Just be sure to only keep the patches you need, as having extra ones can cause problems in your game.

Dark Mode UI mod offers a sleek and stylish way to enhance your Sims 4 experience.

Better Babies and Toddler Mod by Caradriel

better babies and toddlers mod

The Sims 4 babies and toddlers make the game so much more fun, don’t they? Until when they do something “surprising” that bothers you.

Are you ready to take your baby and toddler experience in The Sims 4 to the next level? Well, Caradriel has got you covered with this incredible Better Babies & Toddlers mod!

With this mod, you’ll find that your virtual parenting journey is a lot easier and much more enjoyable. It comes with a range of new features and interactions that will have you feeling like a pro in no time. Want to brush up on your parenting skills? Your Sim can now read a parenting magazine and improve their abilities.

To get started, simply have your Sim talk about babies with another character. This will activate the “Better Babies & Toddlers” hidden trait. And don’t worry, you’ll need Lumpinou’s Mood Pack for it to work seamlessly.

With this mod, every interaction you have with your virtual baby will bring new moodlets. From feeding to rocking to cuddling, you’ll feel a deeper connection with your little one. And with the new interaction on the computer, your Sim can now read up on parenting and become an even better parent.

Say goodbye to boring and unfulfilling baby and toddler moments and hello to a whole new world of parenting fun. So, what are you waiting for? Download this mod and start enjoying a more realistic and enjoyable parenting experience in The Sims 4 today!

Newborn Override by ellcrze

With this mod, you can replace the EA baby with a cute-looking baby!

Have Some Personality, Please Mod by PolarBearSims

Get ready to bring more personality to your sims with this amazing mod!

One thing to keep in mind is that this mod does not require the Parenthood or Vampire Packs. So, if you don’t have those, don’t worry, the interactions or adjustments won’t be in your game.

So, what can you expect from this mod? Well, I’m glad you asked! Here’s a list of just some of the awesome things you’ll find:

  • Sims can learn traits and careers from deep conversations
  • More personality for cats and dogs
  • More autonomy for your sims, giving them more control over their own lives
  • No more idle chat!
  • More restrictions on romance to prevent cheating sims
  • Toddlers acting more like their traits
  • Interactions based on traits, moods, conversations, and relationships
  • And even more autonomy for toddlers!

More Traits for Kids by Diffevair

Family Night Pose Pack By StefaniaOnlinda

To use this mod, don’t forget to download Andrew Studio’s Pose Player and Teleport Any Sim.

Emotional Inertia Mod by roBurky

The Emotional Intertia mod by roBurky adds more realism to The Sims 4 by making sims’ moods last longer and be harder to change.

Sims will have inertia moodlets that can last 8 hours and take time and effort to overcome.

The level of inertia will depend on the age of the sim, the mood they are in, and whether the mood is positive or negative.

The mod raises the amount of points needed to enter a higher intensity level of an emotion.

This makes managing sims’ moods more challenging and requires more planning. The mod was created to make emotions feel more meaningful and sims feel more human.

Unlimited Likes and Dislikes by Zerbu

If you want your Sim to have an opinion on everything, this mod is for you. It gives you the power to give your Sims an unlimited amount of likes and dislikes!

Okay, okay, let me clarify – it increases the limit to a whopping 100,000, so high that you won’t ever reach it, even with mods. With this mod, your Sims can finally voice their opinions and bring their personalities to life!

Faster Shower and Baths by PolarBearSims

Install this mod to help your sim shower or bath faster!

Functional Broom by MizoreYukii

The Functional Broom Mod is a mod that adds functional brooms to The Sims 4 base game. It has two sets of interactions, one for players who own the “Bust the Dust” pack and another for those who do not. For players who own “Bust the Dust,” the brooms work similarly to the vacuums and the interactions appear in the same places. For players who don’t own “Bust the Dust,” the mod adds three interactions: “Sweep Around”, “Sweep Here”, and “Sweep”.

You can pick between the three types of brooms: the medieval broom, the modern wooden broom, and the classic wood broom. All of them look so good!

IPhone 11 PRO MAX GOLD by Jul_Haos

You definitely need to check out this one! Replace your sim’s regular phone with this iPhone 11 Pro Max gold!

This post was about Sims 4 mods.

I hope you found something new and awesome to be added to your gameplay! So, which one is your favorite Sims 4 mod?