10 Sims 4 Male Clothes CC That Look Great!

Are you looking for some custom content to fill up your Sims 4 CC folder? Then check out these Sims 4 male CC and download the one you love!

Yeah, I think The Sims 4 is truly created for the feminine simmers. It’s so easy to find pretty fan-made custom content for female sims or child sims while finding high-quality custom content for male sims can be a real challenge.

However, there are still some handsome clothing CC packs out there that you can actually install in your game to help your male sim looks gorgeous.

Check out this male clothes CC collection and click on the DOWNLOAD button if you’d like to learn more about the creation!

The Sims 4 Male Clothing CC

1. Cuban Collar Shirt CC for Male by SLYD

What a beautiful male shirt CC!

This fantastic custom content has 7 color swatches that you can adjust to your sim style.

2. Slim Fit Trouser CC for Male by Darte77

If your male sim needs a formal attire for a meeting or a special occasion, consider these pants! I can’t refrain from saying that they look so good and handsome! They are nicely fit and just perfect!

3. Bennett Retro Suit Male CC by McLayneSims

Fantastic attire for a formal day! These suit comes in several colors that you can choose from and adjust to the your sim style and of course, the theme of the meeting.

4. Male Jeans CC by Sims2fanbg

Does your male sim need to go out in a casual outfit? Then check out this male jeans CC!

The color and the texture make these pants look so natural and realistic! It’s probably one of the best men jeans CC for The Sims 4!

5. Open Button Shirt by McLayneSims

McLayne Sims create beautiful Sims 4 male CC items. This is the second creation in this list. These open-button shirt are just so good-looking and make the male sim look more handsome! Your male sim can wear these shirts in casual hangout with friends or for everyday outfit!

6. Belaloallure_Jeremie Shirt CC for Male by Bela1997

Simple shirt for male sim!

7. Male Jimmy Shorts by PureSim

These elegant-looking male shorts are available in 3 swatches! So pick the one that you love!

8. Miami Outfit Male Clothes CC by TsminhSims

Men outfit for your sim to wear inside the home or enjoying the sunny weather in the backyard!

9. Denim Shirts for Men CC by ReMaron

Denim shirts for adult male in The Sims 4!

Does your sim love the casual style? If so, consider trying these denim shirts!

10. Tanktop Male CC by Sims2fanbg

Cool male shirt CC for sporty sim!

This sleeveless top has 12 color swatches. So pick the one that suits your sim best!

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