The Sims 4 Male CC That Are SO GOOD!!!

Check out these Sims 4 male CC that are gorgeous and handsome!

Remember, the ones who deserve to be dressed up well aren’t only the female sims. Your male sims also need to look good and if possible, decently personalized.

You can use TS4 CAS full mode cheat so you can freely edit your sim appearance. Also, don’t forget to use the awesome custom content!

Sims 4 Male CC

This post is like a catalog of some Sims 4 male CC that are free to download. You can click on the download button to learn more about the custom content. Then, try to find the actual download link on the new page.

This post includes Sims 4 male clothes CC, Sims 4 male hair CC, Sims 4 male shirts CC, and Sims 4 shoes CC. I hope you like it!

Sims 4 Male Hair CC

Luutzi Male Hair CC

Let’s begin this list with this wavy hair CC for male sims.

It can look super good on adult sims!

This looks handsome, especially when paired with the right skin tone and the right outfit. I think a plain, button shirt is a gorgeous match for this hair!

BTW, if you’re looking for a new clothing CC for your male sim, don’t forget to check out Sims 4 male shirts CC.


This wonderful hair CC is great for teens and adult sims.

It’s base game compatible and it’s available in 24 swatches. So, pick the color that suits your sim best!

Remember that the hairs are available with or without strands. I think the one with strands looks better for vacation or casual days!

Anto HUGO Hair CC

This simple hair CC is simply amazing!

This male hair CC is hat-compatible and it’s available in 27 color swatches! So, get ready to make a choice!

Simstrouble CARMINE Hair CC

If your sim needs handsome, short hair, check out this CC.

It’s short, thick, and looks clean on the face. So, it can be an option when your male sim is wearing formal attire.

Nords DORIE Hair CC

Is your male sim a dad? If so, consider letting him wear this cute hair!

To me, it looks cozy and nice.. I guess it looks comfortable? Haha! Anyway, this hair CC looks good! It’s available in 24 swatches so you can pick the right color for your sim!


Woah, look at that top! It’s so stylish!

This cool male hair CC is suitable for teen and adult sim. It’s available in 17 color swatches!

Marigolde MATTHEW Hair CC

This hair CC is available for both male and female.

It looks creative and casual. If you love curly hair, don’t forget to check out this CC!

Simstrouble MONTROSE Hair CC

Does your male sim need some dreadlocks? If so, do check out this long male hair CC!

This kind of hair CC provides some diversity in the middle of short hair CC.

It’s creative and unique!

Okruee Hermes Hair CC

This gorgeous hair CC is base-game compatible and available in 24 EA swatches!

It looks stylish yet effortless! So cool for young adult sims!


Do you need more curly hair CC for your male sim? If so, you need to check out this hair CC!

It’s available in 24 color swatches so you can pick the right color that suit your sim!

Aladdin-the-Simmer Max Hair CC

Probably one of the coolest short hair CCs for male sims.

This stylish hair CC can be a perfect choice for a casual occasion!

It’s available in 24 EA swatches so you can pick the color that suits your sim skin tone best!

Sims 4 Male Clothes CC

T-shirt CC by Darte77

This t-shirt CC looks so comfy and trendy!

It’s available in 25 swatches so you have a wide array of options! Pick the color that suits your sim agenda and style!

This t-shirt CC is base game compatible and HQ mod compatible!

Oh, BTW, if you click the download button below, you will be redirected to Darte77’s post where you can download the normal T-shirt CC AND the CC of that shirt that is tied around the waist. It’s available in 16 swatches and you can use it as an additional item to complete your male sim’s casual look!

Buttoned Flannel Male Shirt CC by marvinsims

Flannel is amazing! If you love this kind of fabric you can let your sim wears this cool buttoned flannel shirt CC! This CC looks so great and makes the sim so handsome!

Oh, BTW, a buttoned shirt for a casual look can be incomplete without an undershirt. So, if your sim needs an undershirt you can also grab the men’s undershirt CC from the same page. Click the button below!

Printed Shirt CC by marvinsims

Marvinsims is an amazing CC creators especially when it comes to male clothing CC. This epic male shirt CC is just another proof.

This male clothing CC is perfect if you love short-sleeved shirt with patterns.

It’s base-game compatible and it’s available in 16 swatches! Some of the prints have some Asian vibe and some others have a retro vibe.

Alessandro Male Shirt CC by Joliebean

So, do you prefer long-sleeved shirt CC or short-sleeved shirt CC? If you can’t decide maybe you should try this rolled sleeves shirt CC because it’s just like the intermediate of both!

It’s base-game compatible and it’s available in a whopping 35 SWATCHES! How amazing is that?! It’s a smart choice for men’s clothing CC!

Basic Bloke Button-Up Shirt CC by Quiddity

If your sims need a rolled-up shirt with some romantic vibe, check out this men shirt CC! It’s called “basic” but it’s so versatile!

Forever Summer CC Pack by Luumia

So, if your sim needs a simple, trendy shirt that doesn’t have a collar, maybe you should take a look at this collarless shirt CC!

This button-up shirt custom content is available in 10 swatches!

Button Open Shirt CC by Busted Pixels

In The Sims 4, different sim can have different personality trait. Now, if your male sim loves coastal things, maybe you should check out this CC shirt with anchor print!

Pollen Polo Shirt CC by Nolan-Sims

Looking for a t-shirt with collar? Check out this cute male shirt CC!

You can have the tucked and untucked versions. There are various swatches available so get ready to pick the one that suits your male sim best!

Short-sleeve Shirt and Shorts CC Pack by Sudal-Sim

This is a male clothing pack that consists of a shirt and shorts. There are so many swatches available that can accommodate your sim needs! It looks versatile for casual days and great for men sims of various ages!

London Shirt CC by Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla

This male top CC is available in 30 swatches! There are different swatches that you can choose from. The one with plain colors looks somehow luxurious and gorgeous!

Short Sleeve Pajama Shirt CC by Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla

Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla has various Sims 4 CC that looks awesome! Just like this one!

This male top CC is available in so many swatches! This short sleeves shirt CC can be a great addition to your male sim’s clothing collection!

Mono Shirt CC by Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla

Another masterpiece by Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla. This one is a rolled-up shirt CC. It’s also available in so many cool swatches that you can choose from!

Tucked Shirt CC by Miss Ruby Bird

Does your male sim need a tucked, buttoned shirt? If so, do check out this CC!

It’s a recolor CC. Some of the swatches have creative patterns that look fun and cheerful!

Short sleeve t-shirt by Sudal – Sims

It’s a male clothing CC pack that includes short sleeve t-shirt and pants. The t-shirt comes with 20 swatches and the pants have 10 swatches that you can choose from!

Men’s Safari Tucked Shirt CC by Sims House

This good-looking shirt CC has 6 color swatches that you can choose from! If your male sim needs a masculine t-shirt with pockets, go check out this custom content!

Cuban Collar Shirt CC for Male by SLYD

What a beautiful male shirt CC!

This fantastic custom content has 7 color swatches that you can adjust to your sim style.

Slim Fit Trouser CC for Male by Darte77

If your male sim needs a formal attire for a meeting or a special occasion, consider these pants! I can’t refrain from saying that they look so good and handsome! They are nicely fit and just perfect!

Bennett Retro Suit Male CC by McLayneSims

Fantastic attire for a formal day! These suit comes in several colors that you can choose from and adjust to the your sim style and of course, the theme of the meeting.

Male Jeans CC by Sims2fanbg

Does your male sim need to go out in a casual outfit? Then check out this male jeans CC!

The color and the texture make these pants look so natural and realistic! It’s probably one of the best men jeans CC for The Sims 4!

Open Button Shirt by McLayneSims

McLayne Sims create beautiful Sims 4 male CC items. This is the second creation in this list. These open-button shirt are just so good-looking and make the male sim look more handsome! Your male sim can wear these shirts in casual hangout with friends or for everyday outfit!

Belaloallure_Jeremie Shirt CC for Male by Bela1997

Simple shirt for male sim!

Male Jimmy Shorts by PureSim

These elegant-looking male shorts are available in 3 swatches! So pick the one that you love!

Miami Outfit Male Clothes CC by TsminhSims

Men outfit for your sim to wear inside the home or enjoying the sunny weather in the backyard!

Denim Shirts for Men CC by ReMaron

Denim shirts for adult male in The Sims 4!

Does your sim love the casual style? If so, consider trying these denim shirts!

Tanktop Male CC by Sims2fanbg

Cool male shirt CC for sporty sim!

This sleeveless top has 12 color swatches. So pick the one that suits your sim best!

Sims 4 Male Shoes CC

MMSIMS Derby Shoes CC

This derby shoes by MMSIMS come in two versions. They differ in the height of soles. Either one looks good, BTW.

This male shoes CC is available in 10 color swatches. So, pick the one that suits your sim outfit!

Panfilo Shoes CC by Madlen

Custom content by Madlen are too good to miss! BTW, if you love Madlen’s creations, don’t forget to check out Sims 4 CC by Madlen.

This classic oxford shoes CC looks stylish and perfect for adult male sims!

Jius-sims Male Shoes CC Pack!!

Excuse me, can we not skip this IMPRESSIVE custom content, please??

This male shoes CC pack is too good!!

It includes:

  • a pair of leather flip-flops
  • various boots
  • a pair of low top sneakers
  • a pair of brogues
  • a pair of monk strap shoes

Each of them comes in various swatches! You can pick the certain items that you love!

So, which one is your favorite Sims 4 male CC? If you like this post, don’t forget to also check out: Sims 4 CC Packs

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