40+ SUPER COOL Sims 4 Male CC

How to make a male sim look good? Try some of these super cool Sims 4 male CC!

This list includes various things such as Sims 4 male clothes CC, Sims 4 male hair CC, Sims 4 male pajama CC, Sims 4 male shirts CC, Sims 4 shorts CC and Sims 4 shoes CC.

You can learn how to add CC to Sims 4 and how to remove Sims 4 CC that you don’t need anymore.

Sims 4 Male CC

Sims 4 Male Pajama CC by KK’s Creation

Sims 4 Oversized T-Shirt by Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla

sims 4 t shirt cc

Sims 4 Male Sweater CC by Solistair

sims 4 male sweater cc

Replay Suit Set by AdrienPastel

sims 4 suit cc for male

Equinox Collection by Cee

sims 4 male cc pack


Anto HUGO Hair CC

Simstrouble CARMINE Hair CC

Nords DORIE Hair CC


Marigolde MATTHEW Hair CC

Simstrouble MONTROSE Hair CC

If you love dreadlocks, do check out Sims 4 Dreads CC

Okruee Hermes Hair CC


Aladdin-the-Simmer Max Hair CC

T-shirt CC by Darte77

Buttoned Flannel Male Shirt CC by marvinsims

Printed Shirt CC by marvinsims

Alessandro Male Shirt CC by Joliebean

Basic Bloke Button-Up Shirt CC by Quiddity

Forever Summer CC Pack by Luumia

Button Open Shirt CC by Busted Pixels

Pollen Polo Shirt CC by Nolan-Sims

Short-sleeve Shirt and Shorts CC Pack by Sudal-Sim

Sims 4 Shorts CC by Puresim

Sims 4 shorts CC with 3 color swatches

London Shirt CC by Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla

Short Sleeve Pajama Shirt CC by Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla

Mono Shirt CC by Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla

Tucked Shirt CC by Miss Ruby Bird

Short sleeve t-shirt by Sudal – Sims

Men’s Safari Tucked Shirt CC by Sims House

Cuban Collar Shirt CC for Male by SLYD

Slim Fit Trouser CC for Male by Darte77

Bennett Retro Suit Male CC by McLayneSims

Male Jeans CC by Sims2fanbg

Open Button Shirt by McLayneSims

Belaloallure_Jeremie Shirt CC for Male by Bela1997

Simple shirt for male sim!

Male Jimmy Shorts by PureSim

These elegant-looking male shorts are available in 3 swatches! So pick the one that you love!

Miami Outfit Male Clothes CC by TsminhSims

Men outfit for your sim to wear inside the home or enjoying the sunny weather in the backyard!

Denim Shirts for Men CC by ReMaron

Denim shirts for adult male in The Sims 4!

Does your sim love the casual style? If so, consider trying these denim shirts!

Tanktop Male CC by Sims2fanbg

Cool male shirt CC for sporty sim!

This sleeveless top has 12 color swatches. So pick the one that suits your sim best!

Sims 4 Male Shoes CC

MMSIMS Derby Shoes CC

Panfilo Sims 4 Male Shoes CC by Madlen

Jius-sims Male Shoes CC Pack!!

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