25+ Sims 4 Loading Screens: Enjoy The Wait!

Give your game a new vibe with these Sims 4 loading screens!

Do you feel that staring at the original EA loading screens is a little bit boring?

Don’t worry! You can change it with these Sims 4 custom loading screens that are here to save the day and jazz up your game!

Sims 4 Loading Screens

After downloading your favorite Sims 4 loading screens, pick 1 and put it inside your Mods folder!

Make sure you only have one Sims 4 loading screen at a time in your Mods folder.

Pink Sims 4 Loading Screen by Indi

sims 4 loading screen

If you love everything pink, then you should not miss this Quartz Pink Clouds Sims 4 loading screen!

Geometric Pastel Sims 4 Loading Screen by Plumlace

sims 4 loading screen

Looking for a pastel Sims 4 loading screen? Do check out this collection!

There are various colors available so get ready to choose!

Sky Loading Screen by Debbiepearl (FabulousPearl)

sims 4 loading screen
sims 4 loading screen
sims 4 loading screen

This custom loading screens pack is SO GOOD reportedly it has been downloaded more than 100,000 times!

Forest Sims 4 Loading Screen by LunaLobaSims

sims 4 loading screen

It gives a mysterious and captivating vibe!

Forest Loading Screen by ghostlycc

sims 4 loading screen

If you need a refreshing scenery of a morning forest with some fog, consider this cool loading screen!

Personally, I think this kind of loading screen is very pleasant to see because it can give you that calming and fresh vibe in the middle of the game.

Warm Nature Loading Screen by Sunivaa

I love countryside-things so if you love that too maybe you need to take a look at this item.

It gives the calm, relaxed, countryside or nature vibe that is so pleasant to have. There are different options so you can download the one that you truly love!

Cottagecore Loading Screen by Clover Collector

sims 4 loading screen

This is such a collection of pretty aesthetic loading screens for anyone who loves cottagecore style!

Clouds Loading Screen by Lil@k

Do you love clouds loading screen? If so, don’t forget to check out this one!

Cloudy Loading Screen Pack by StarrySimsie

Before actually downloading the file (.package), you have several options to choose from with various themes such as Night Sky, Night City, Grassy Field, and several others.

Grey Sims 4 Loading Screen by leroidetout

sims 4 loading screen

A simple grey loading screen for your game!

Colored Geometric Loading Screen by Amakesh

sims 4 loading screen

I love this impressive pack of loading screens! My favorite item from this collection is possibly the #17 and #20.

Abstract Art Loading Screen by StarrySimsie

sims 4 loading screen

Aesthetic Sims 4 Loading Screen by Ellcrze

sims 4 loading screen

How pretty is that?! I think it’s simply satisfying!

Ellcrze is the expert in crafting something aesthetic for The Sims 4. This simplistic aesthetic Sims 4 loading screen is just simple proof!

This is my favorite solid color loading screen for The Sims 4 🥰

BTW, Ellcrze’s Patreon is currently unavailable. However, someone has made an archive on SFS where you can find some of Ellrcze’s custom content.

READ: What Happened to Ellcrze?

Floral Sims 4 Loading Screen by StarrySimsie

sims 4 loading screen

This is my absolute favorite Sims 4 loading screen 😭 especially that cherry blossom loading screen it’s too gorgeously pretty!

If you love succulents or plants, you should check out this wonderful loading screen CC pack!

Dark Academia Sims 4 Loading Screen by StarrySimsie

Dark academia is one of those popular themes when it comes to Sims 4 CC. Now if you love this theme and want to apply it to your loading screen too, consider installing this one!

6 Season Loading Screen by SACRIFICAL

Such an impressive collection of Sims 4 loading screens!

Retro Inspired Loading Screen by MrsGerbit

It brings such a nostalgic vibe!

Stitch Loading Screen by Trini Simmer

Simple Loading Screen by Teanmoon

There are different colors available and you can choose it before downloading it.

Solid Color Loading Screen by Vicky Sims

There are various dusty, solid colors available such as dusty rose and dusty violet. Get ready to choose your favorite one!

Lights Out Loading Screen by 20th Century Plumbob

Mt. Komorebi Loading Screen by Caradriel

Mt. Komorebi Loading Screen by Katverse

Katverse also creates Mt. Komorebi for CAS backgrounds so if you download this item, be sure to download the matching CAS background too!

Sky and Gradient Loading Screen by Lotharihoe

Night sky, sunrise sky, or daylight sky? Which kind of blue gradient do you love? Try to find your favorite look in this cool pack of TS4 loading screens!

Sims 4 Gradient Loading Screen

There are a whopping 24 color options available for you to choose from! I really love the grass, mint, and peach!

Sims 4 Anime Loading Screen by StarrySimsie

There are 7 options available. They are all pretty and could be a perfect loading screen for simmers who are also anime lovers!

Abstracts Loading Screen by Ceceswepe

Let’s wrap up this list with this super cute abstract loading screen by Ceceswepe! It is definitely among my favorite Sims 4 loadings screens and I hope you love it too!


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This post was about Sims 4 loading screens

I hope you found something awesome to install on your game!

Besides these fantastic loading screens, you can also elevate your simming experience by installing your favorite Sims 4 CAS background as well!