15+ FANTASTIC Sims 4 Kitchen CC Packs!

The right Sims 4 kitchen CC can elevate your sim’s culinary haven!

Sims 4 Kitchen CC Packs

Bechamel Kitchen CC Pack by SIMcredible!

bechamel kitchen CC

Absolutely fantastic kitchen CC pack with a modern feeling!

Gone are those days when the kitchen looks dull or boring. Use this custom content pack to update your sim kitchen! This beautiful set of CC has 12 items, including:

  • kitchen counter
  • kitchen table
  • kitchen sink
  • closed kitchen cabinet
  • opened kitchen cabinet
  • stool with different swatches
  • and MORE CUTE THINGS for the kitchen!

If you’re specifically looking for kitchen counters, please check out Sims 4 Counters CC!

Spring-Six Kitchen CC Pack by SIXAM

spring six kitchen CC

What an amazing kitchen custom content pack!


This custom content pack is super cute you need to download and try it ASAP! I mean look at that adorable color palette! It almost looks like a kitchen of a barbie doll!

The bright-colored kitchen is exciting but to some people, it can be too overwhelming. Fear not, this CC set has A LOT of swatches that you can choose from and adjust according to the atmosphere you want to build!

This mid-century modern CC pack includes:

  • FUNCTIONAL stove
  • FUNCTIONAL fridge
  • FUNCTIONAL, BUILT-IN microwave
  • FUNCTIONAL kettle
  • decorative blender
  • decorative toaster
  • other awesome things that support the vibe of a beautiful kitchen

The Sims 4 Eco Kitchen CC Stuff Pack by Littledica

eco kitchen cc

Revolutionary kitchen CC pack with an eco-friendly vibe!

No matter what kind of career your sim is pursuing, starting to live in a more intentional way [e.g. using eco-friendly products] is such a great idea.

You can also apply it to the kitchen and use these amazing appliances that care more about the earth. This CC pack contains awesome kitchen stuff that you can use to fill up your sim kitchen nicely.

Buena Kitchen CC Pack by Novvvas

buena kitchen cc

GREAT-LOOKING kitchen CC pack with essential kitchen stuff!

If your sim doesn’t like too much decoration, maybe you should consider this minimalistic-looking kitchen custom pack!

This stylish CC pack has a kitchen counter, kitchen island counter, kitchen cabinet, kitchen shelf, Bosch stove, Bosch oven & microwave, and bar stool. Such simple yet essential custom content for the kitchen!

Essa Kitchen CC Pack by Peacemaker

essa kitchen cc

Contemporary style kitchen CC pack for The Sims 4!

This wonderful custom content set has:

  • kitchen counter
  • kitchen island
  • standard kitchen cabinet
  • open kitchen cabinet
  • upholstered barstool
  • and other cool things!

Classic Kitchen Kit CC Pack by Max 20

classic kitchen cc

Kitchen CC for a simple and classic look!

OK, actually it looks SUPER CUTE!!!! It’s really adorable to see! This CC has different swatches that you can choose from and they are just SUPER PRETTY!

This CC pack includes:

  • stove
  • stove hood
  • sink
  • fridge
  • cabinet
  • counter
  • counter island
  • barstool
  • breadbox
  • butter dish with temperature control
  • plant
  • jug with small kitchen items
  • fruit bowl

Beam Kitchen by Tuds

beam kitchen cc

Kitchen CC pack for big space!

Do you want to build a huge kitchen island? Do you have a magnificent house with a huge area for cooking? Then this custom content pack is for you!

This custom set includes a tall shelf (floor-to-ceiling tall!!!), counter and counter island, built-in stove, built-in oven, built-in cooktop, built-in microwave, a standalone sink, a separate sink, and other amazing kitchen stuff that are too good to miss!

Go check out this kitchen CC set!

Wood Point Kitchen CC Pack by NICKNAME

wood point kitchen cc

Retro kitchen CC pack for The Sims 4!

If you are into vintage interior decorating style, this custom content might be a GREAT choice for you! And if you’re new to this style, don’t worry, you can also try this out and make your kitchen looks IMPRESSIVE! I mean, look at that microwave door! The details in this kitchen CC set are AMAZING!

This amazing CC pack contains:

  • kitchen counter
  • kitchen cabinet
  • retro fridge
  • stove
  • microwave

Lemon Kitchen Clutter CC by DOT

lemon kitchen clutter CC

Fresh-looking kitchen clutter CC!

If you do not want to make a huge change to your kitchen furniture, you can give them a little cute decoration here and there instead.

With this lemony kitchen CC set, you can make your kitchen countertop and kitchen island look more vibrant and joyful! Give your kitchen a kick of a bright atmosphere with these cute little items!

Cottage Kitchen CC by S-imagination

cottage kitchen CC

Kitchen custom content pack with a traditional vibe!

If you’re into cottage-style interior design, this creation might truly be great for you.

Oh, and if you simply need a HUGE pack of versatile kitchen items CC, this custom content might also be great for you!

Back to Basic Kitchen Set CC by Madame Ria

back to basic kitchen custom content

Epic kitchen custom content set for your sim kitchen!

This amazing work by MadameRia consists of 5 different files. The two main files consist of:

  • kitchen counter
  • kitchen island
  • kitchen cabinets
  • empty bar
  • island cart

ColourTalk Kitchen Stuff CC Pack by My Cup of CC

kitchen CC

Awesome kitchen CC pack you can download now!

This HUGE custom content set has 44 items in it, including kitchen island, kitchen counter, kitchen cabinets, walls, and many other things to help your sim decorate their kitchen!

Norna Kitchen CC Set by Sooky88

norna kitchen custom content image

Sims 4 kitchen CC set with SO MANY SWATCHES!

If you really love playing with furniture and swatches, this custom content pack is for you! I mean, each of the kitchen counter and kitchen island CC has 31 swatches to choose from!

This GORGEOUS kitchen items CC pack includes:

  • kitchen counter with white marble countertop
  • kitchen counter with black marble countertop
  • kitchen island with black marble countertop
  • kitchen island with white marble countertop
  • kitchen cabinets
  • kitchen barstool
  • fridge
  • backsplash wall

Nature In Kitchen by Simcredible!

This gorgeous kitchen has a modern and simple design. If you love nature, consider this kitchen CC!

It includes kitchen cabinets, chairs, kitchen counter, table, and so many more!

Sims 4 Kitchen Appliances CC

Kitchen Deco Liz CC Pack by ShinoKCR

kitchen deco liz CC

This custom content pack includes:

  • kitchen trolley
  • fryer (looks like an air fryer)
  • pressure steamer
  • tea kettle
  • grater
  • bowl
  • other small kitchen items

Altara Kitchen Appliances CC Pack by NynaeveDesign

altara kitchen CC

Complete kitchen appliances CC pack for culinary-enthusiast simmer!

If your sim loves baking or brewing coffee or you just love the look of these appliances, do check out this custom set!

The coffee maker is functional, while the other items are decorative (kitchen clutter CC). However, this pack looks SO WONDERFUL!

As you can see, this awesome creation consists of:

  • coffee maker
  • toaster
  • rice cooker
  • food processor
  • food scale
  • stand mixer
  • hand blender
  • stock pot
  • casserole pan
  • sauce pan
  • fryer pan

How to Use Sims 4 Kitchen CC

After choosing your favorite custom content, download the file and install the CC to your game!

Learn how to add a CC to The Sims 4 (it’s super easy!)

After installation, check the CC items in your game.

Normally, after launching The Sims 4 game there is a pop-up box that mentions all of the CC installed. There, you can check if your Sims 4 kitchen CC has been installed. And make sure that custom content and mods are enabled.

If you find that some items from the Sims 4 kitchen CC are too expensive, don’t fret. You can use Sims 4 money cheats to give your sim a quick cash injection so they can afford the custom kitchen item.