21+ SUPER CUTE Sims 4 Kids CC

Are you looking for Sims 4 kids CC to make your game so much more lovable? You’re in the right place because down below you can find some inspiration for adorable Sims 4 kids CC!

Sims 4 Kids CC

Dora Outfit by Madlen

Sporty outfit CC for your little sim!

It’s available in different colors so you can pick the one you like the most! Check out this adorable Sims 4 kids CC!

Korinna Toddler/Kids Jacket CC by Madlen

Cute puffer jacket CC for kids!!

Help your child sim get ready for the cold day with this awesome clothing CC!

This stylish outer is perfect for rainy days!

Night Night Kids PJ’s CC by Colorful Plumbobs

This CC includes eighteen tops and eighteen bottoms, all of them are cute! And don’t forget to pick the best one for your little sim!

Get this CC and help your child sim sleep adorably tonight 🙂

Polka Dot Blouse and Suspender Skirt Kid CC by MysteriousOo

Pretty blouse and suspender skirt for female kid CC. It’s available in 9 swatches. Choose your favorite color!

For Boys: Yun Cuffed Jeans by Casteru

Cute Sims 4 jeans CC for kids!

This custom content is available in 8 swatches. So, pick the one that suits your sim best!

Stardust Hair CC by SonyaSimsCC

Yes, stardust hair looks great on adult and teen. But this is the kid version.

This kid hair CC is very pretty and it comes with 30 different colors. Grab it and try it on your female child sim!

Zadie Hair for Kids CC by Nords

Do you like ponytails?

If so, probably you should consider this Sims 4 kid hair CC!

Sand Castle Hair by SonyaSimsCC

Wonderful pretty hair CC for kid sim!

Long wavy hair that is pretty for little sim!

Ndidi Sims Hair for Kids CC by Nords

How neat is that bun?!

If you prefer this kind of hairstyle for your little sim, go get this hair CC!

Hyemi Hair CC by Casteru

Probably one of the cutest hair CC for The Sims 4 so far!

BTW, if you love custom hair, don’t forget to check out Sims 4 CC hair!

Koni Shoes Kids CC by Madlen

Do you need some wedges for your child sim??

Look no more! With this child shoes CC you can style up your sim with different color of wedges shoes!

BTW, if you love shoes, don’t forget to check out Sims 4 CC shoes.

Childhood Sandals by Vedun

Kids sandals CC for The Sims 4!

This child sandal CC is available in 6 swatches, giving you room for styling up your child sim.

Kylie Shoes CC by Madlen

Versatile kid shoes CC for daily activities!

These kinds of shoes are simple yet multifunctional. You can use this for different purposes and your child sim can still look great!

It’s available in different colors. The certain swatch in the picture is not my favorite. But there are so many other color swatches that you can choose from! (I like the grey one!). So, if you don’t like a certain color you can pick another one with ease!

Vans Shoes CC by Darte77

Simple yet multifunctional shoes for everyday wear. This shoes CC has 13 swatches so help your child sim choose one!

Moon Boots CC by DarkNightTt

Does your little sim need to have some ski lessons in the snow? Help her get ready with this shoes CC!

Rainboot For Kids CC by Birba32

A pair of rainboot to wear when it’s raining!!! Let your child sims play outside even when the street is wet. Help them get ready with this shoes CC!

Abstract Panel Chunky Trainer Shoes CC by OranosTR

Sporty shoes for male child sim! It has 10 color swatches that you can choose from!

Zia Children Objects CC Pack by SSR99

This gorgeous child CC pack has beautiful objects for kids.

It has a kids high chair, baby bottle, kids side table, and other beautiful items that are beneficial for kids!

Cotton Whisper Kids Bedroom CC Pack by SIMcredible!

This wonderful kids furniture CC pack has adorable items to furnish and complete your child sim room!

It has two types of bed, end table, toy box, shelf, dresser, mobile, and other items to make the room look joyful!

Mimizan Bedroom CC Pack by Pilar

Install this CC pack and use the furniture to update or furnish your child sim room!

It contains 13 creations including 2 types of beds, bookshelf, ceiling light, end table, ceiling light, and other beautifully-designed items for the kids bedroom!

Anders Bedroom by Jomsims

Containing 12 items with different swatches, this sweet custom content pack is ready to make your kid sim bedroom looks great!

Lily Nursery Furniture CC Pack by Severinka

Beautifully design custom content pack for the nursery! It has child bed, toddler bed, drawing table, deer chair, and other cute things!

Furnish and decorate your child sim room with this amazing furniture CC pack!

Baby Sheeps Kids Room Furniture CC Pack by Severinka

Severinka is an amazing custom content artist. She creates beautiful, mesmerizing designs. This kids furniture CC pack is no exception.

It contains 21 cute items including bed, chair, teddy bear, and so many more!

BTW if you love furniture CC, don’t forget to check out Sims 4 CC furniture!

So, what do you think?

I hope you enjoyed this post about Sims 4 kids CC. Don’t forget to check out my other posts: Sims 4 CC Packs | Sims 4 Nursery CC | Sims 4 Toddler CC.

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