40+ GORGEOUS Sims 4 Hair CC

Looking for some Sims 4 hair CC to update your sim’s look? You’re in the right place!


The Sims 4 game does provide some hairstyles for your sim. And while they don’t look bad, sometimes they just look too bland if not boring, right?

That’s why having Sims 4 CC hair installed in the game is a good idea. In this list, you can read about various custom hair for your sim!

NOTE: I would like to apologize that this post formerly had an imprecise title (I wrote “toddler” on the title and you might think that it had some toddler hair CC when they’re actually CHILD hair CC) The title has been edited now. Sorry!!

Sims 4 Hair CC

Whether you’re looking for Sims 4 male hair CC, female hair CC, dreads CC, or even kids hair CC, you can find them in this list!

Sims 4 Hair CC [MALE]


This Sims 4 CC hair is simply amazing! It looks great on younger adult sims.

Does your male sim need a new short-hair CC? If so, then take a look at this custom hair!

This male hair CC is hat-compatible and it’s available in 27 color swatches 🙂


This cool male hair CC is suitable for teen and adult sim. It’s available in 17 color swatches!

The hair looks like it’s been nicely combed. It looks casual yet sophisticated!

You can let your male sim wear this hair on casual occasions!


Stylish mid-length male hair CC with 20 color swatches! It can be a great idea for an adult male sim!

The strands are a bit longer for a man. It might not be suitable for every male sim. However, if you feel that your sim’s personality is suitable for the vibe of this custom hairstyle, you can consider this one!

Simstrouble PEDRO HAIR CC

I think this CC has a youthful look. If your male sim needs a new wavy hairstyle, you can consider this one!

This can look great, especially on casual occasions or when your sim is wearing casual outfits!

It’s hat-compatible and it has 24 color swatches for you to choose from! Oh, and it’s base-game compatible!


This hair is simple yet it’s bold. It can definitely give your male sim a personality.

The vibe of this hairstyle is more “macho” than casual. So, you can let your male sim wear this hair on semi-formal occasions (although it can look great on everyday outfits too)!

It’s hat-compatible and base-game compatible. It’s available in 24 EA color swatches!


Does your black male sim need a long hair CC? If so, you can install this one!

It looks stylish and creative. It might not be ideal for every male sim though, so consider your overall sim’s personality before installing the hair CC.

This male hair CC is base-game compatible and it also works with hats! It has 24 swatches so you can pick the one that suits your male sim best!


Once again, Okruee provides creative hairstyle CC for men.

This one is called “HUGH HAIR” which is a versatile hairstyle!

It works with hats and it’s available in 24 EA color swatches! Choose the color that suits your male sim’s style!


Now, this hair CC looks creative, but it’s more suitable for younger sims than the older ones.

It has the cheerful vibe of a teenager so it’s best to use it when your sim has a casual style.

It’s hat-compatible and base-game compatible! You can choose from 18 EA color swatches!


Wavy male hair CC to update your male hairstyle!

It’s once again from the same CC creator. Okruee creates so many amazing custom content to play in The Sims 4!

It’s base-game compatible and it’s available in 24 color swatches!

This masculine-looking hair CC is a must if you want to make your male sim look incredibly handsome!

Sims 4 Hair CC [FEMALE]


I mean, how cute is this Sims 4 CC hair?!!

If you love braided hair, consider installing this custom content in your game and let your female sim try it!

This hair CC works with hat too! It has different versions that you can choose from. You can pick the style with bangs or without bangs, with strands or without strands.


Some simple hairstyles are stunning on their own. Just like this one.

I mean, look at that! Tucked hair is so cute, isn’t it?

It’s base-game compatible, available in 24 EA colors, and it’s simply pretty! If you love simple straight hair you should check out this CC!

Although it looks simple, it can definitely take your sim look to the next level!

Simstrouble ROSA Hair CC

Curly hair and wavy hair CC are just so gorgeous, aren’t they? This lovely hair CC is base game compatible and available in 24 swatches.

If your female sim needs a new voluminous hairstyle, don’t forget to consider this one!

This creative custom content can make your sim so beautiful and ladylike if worn correctly!

Greenllamas KYANITE HAIR Hair CC

Greenllamas provides amazing custom content for The Sims 4! Just like this one!

This hair CC is a great idea! Cute bob hairstyle for female sims! This middle-parted wavy hairstyle just looks so stylish!

It’s available in 18 EA swatches. It’s base-game compatible and hat-compatible!

Simstrouble ELENA HAIR Hair CC

This gorgeous hairstyle is a bit.. medieval, isn’t it?

It also has a bohemian vibe that you can match with various styles!

So, no matter what kind of outfit your sim usually wears, consider this beautiful hair CC!

It’s hat-compatible and it comes with 24 swatches!


Beautiful ponytail hairstyle for female sim!

Your sim can use this simple hairstyle for everyday purposes because it’s just so versatile!

Unfortunately, it’s not hat-compatible. But hey, you can still dress up your sim elegantly with this hairstyle! Besides, it comes with 18 EA swatches so you can adjust the look!


This creative female hair CC is base-game compatible and hat compatible.

It’s available in 18 EA swatches so pick your favorite ombre color!

It’s a stylish, creative, straight hairstyle!


Curly messy bun CC for different kinds of days!

This pretty hairstyle custom content looks just so good! I mean, look at the loose strands!

It’s hat-compatible (you can see it in the picture) and it comes in 18 maxis match swatches plus 3 bonus swatches!

BTW, if you love Miiko’s custom content, check out Sims 4 CC by Miiko.

Sims 4 Black Girl Hair CC

Sheabuttyr Braelynn Braids Hair CC

If you love braids hairstyles, you should consider this one. Braids hairstyle is probably not for everyone, but it can definitely look awesome for black sims.

So, if your black sims need a new hairstyle with some feminine touch, do check out this custom content!

Remember, in order to help your sim look impressive, pick the right outfit for them too besides giving them a pretty hairstyle.

NaevysSims Bluebell hair CC

If you love short-pigtail hairstyles, don’t forget to consider this one.

This braided pigtail hair CC is available in various swatches that you can choose from!

It suits younger sims best, especially when it’s paired with casual outfits! So, remember to pick the right clothing CC for your sim too!

Simstrouble Thema black hair CC

Curly hair CC has its own kind of beauty, just like this hairstyle CC.

This custom content is pretty and creative. If you don’t like the color shown in the pic, remember that you have various options of color swatches to choose from!

So, no matter what’s the skin tone of your sim and no matter the color of the outfit, you can pick the swatch that suits her best!

Simstrouble Despina hair CC

This hair CC is gloriously pretty!

You can incorporate this hairstyle on various occasions, especially in the summer. If your female sim has a feminine, ladylike personality, you can try giving her a gorgeous look with this beautiful hair CC.

Remember to pick the right dress to suit this CC! Not every clothing is suitable for this hair so you gotta be careful.

Quirky Introvert CC Aamira Hair CC

This super long, braided hair CC might look best for black sims. It’s super creative and stylish!

As usual, remember to pick the right clothing CC to match this hair perfectly. Also, if your sim is wearing some makeup, don’t forget to wear a bold-yet-elegant one to match the vibe of this hair.

Finally, always make sure that everything falls in place and it suits the personality of your sim!

Sheabuttyr Parrisa Ponytails Hair CC

Braided ponytails are a creative idea! It’s perfect for young black sims!

You can let your sim wear this hairstyle and pair it with casual outfits or for everyday wear.

This hairstyle might not suit an older sim, but it can definitely help to make your young sim looks cheerful!

SonyaSimsCC Abena Hair CC

If you’re a huge fan of curly hair, do check out this one!

This curly hair CC is suitable for teens to elders, however, I personally think it might look best for adult or elder female sims. You can still let your teenage sim wear this, but be careful when choosing the outfit. Make sure that the clothing CC suits her age and personality well.

Sheabuttyr Paula Ponytail Hair CC

Do you need more creative, stylish hairstyle CC?

If so, do check out this one!

It’s similar to Parrisa ponytails hair CC, but it’s shorter.

It looks playful and youthful. Sure, it can be a great idea for younger sims. You can pair it with fancy clothes or simple casual outfits!

Quirky Introvert Poppy Hair CC

This long braided hair is a great idea!

It looks clean and simple yet fun and stylish! It’s great for teenage sims or adult sims, especially for the summer!

When you let your sim wear this hair, don’t forget to also give her a nice dress that speaks the same vibe with the hairstyle and your sim’s personality!

Sheabuttyr Bryndell Braids Hair CC

It’s stylish, too stylish in my opinion. If you want your sim to have a special look with braided hair, don’t forget to check out this hair CC!

It looks like it only suits the younger sims well. Also, remember to be careful when pairing it with certain outfits.

Sheabuttyr Babyhair Collection Hair CC

Another gorgeous hair CC by Sheabuttyr!

This time, it has a high ponytail that looks trendy!

Among all of these braided hairstyles by Sheabuttyr, you sure now have enough options to choose from! Pick the one that suits your sim best and pair it with a pretty clothing CC!

Aladdin-The-Simmer Amber Hair CC

It’s creative and elegant, especially for black sims!

This hair CC is so perfect for a formal occasion. So, remember to pair this with the best dress CC!

Also, remember to pick the right color swatch that suits her skin tone!


DAIJA Dreads by sheabuttyr

This creative hairstyle CC has two versions: version 1 is neater while version 2 has some longer strands on the front. No matter which one you pick, remember to adjust the hair color to your sim’s personality and style! This CC has various swatches!

STELLA Hair by okruee

I told you, right?! Okruee is fantastic!

This hairstyle CC once again proves how creative is the CC creator!

It has three versions! One without front strands, another one with a single front strand, and the last one with a strand on both sides (double strands).

My favorite one is the one with no bangs, although the one with two strands looks great too!

GODDESS Dreads by Nolan-Sims

This attractive hairstyle CC is available in two version. The version 1 has the original hairline while the version 2 doesn’t.

This maxis match dreads hairstyle CC is a good idea to make your female sim look more confident.

YVETTE Dreads by Nolan-Sims

If you’re looking for a short dreads hairstyle CC with an ombre look, this is the answer!

You can download the hair CC as is or you can also download the ombre overlay. I recommend downloading both and letting your sim try them and see how cute she becomes!

IMANI Hair by Nolan-Sims

A messy bun dreads hairstyle with bangs! How cool is that?! Oh, BTW, if you don’t like the bangs, you can download the no-strands version.

Also, take a look at the cute metal beading. You can actually change the color of it! Just don’t forget to download and install the hair clips package.

WILLA Hairstyle by simcelebrity00

This hairstyle CC is so beautiful! You can download the CC on TSR, while the ombre accessory download link can be found on her Patreon.

ELISA Hair by simstrouble

without scarf overlay package
solid color scarf
pattern swatch scarf

If you want your sim to have a dread hairstyle and a 70s vibe, try this custom content! Styling up a dread hairstyle with a scarf is nearly effortless and yet so stylish!

Don’t forget to download the scarf overlay as well (if not, the scarf will be just plain white). Once it’s installed you can find it in the hat category.

There are various swatches available! Pick your favorite hairstyle version and the scarf that truly suits your sim’s personality!

DAHAYA Dreads by sheabuttyr

Sheabuttyr is such a talented Sims 4 CC creator! These first two CC are crafted by her and they look so good!

FAUNA Hair by okruee

Okruee is also an amazing TS4 CC creator. This hairstyle CC is proof!

This custom content is available in two versions: with or without bangs (front strands). It comes with 24 EA swatches so you can have a good amount of color options to pick from!

Okruee Calliope hair CC

This kind of hair is super creative! You can install this hair CC especially when you have a young, female black sim who needs a new hairstyle. It’s a versatile hair CC that can be paired with various kinds of outfits!

Don’t forget to choose the right color that suits your sim!

Greenllamas Bianca Hair CC

This hair is pretty popular especially if you love Greenllamas’ CC. It’s super creative and stylish!

It can pair well with various kinds of outfit, including the semi-formal ones!

BTW, if you are a fan of Greenllama’s check out my catalog of Sims 4 CC by Greenllamas.

Sims 4 KIDS Hair CC

Sims 4 kids hair CC conversions by dbasiasimbr (KIARA, TRINITY, FLORA)

When you have found a fabulous CC but it’s only for adult sim… sometimes it feels a little bit sad, isn’t it?

Fortunately, there are helpful creators who are converting adult CC into kids CC.

One of the creators is dbasiasimbr. Take a look at this CC. It’s converted from an adult hair CC into toddler hair CC and kids hair CC.

Sims 4 kids hair CC by dbasiasimbr (YUMI AND ANGEL HAIR)

So joyful and playful! The vibe of this hairstyle CC is best for young sims!

This hair CC is base game compatible and legacy compatible. The Yumi hair is available in candy color swatches!

You can pair this stylish hairstyle CC with various outfits, especially the colorful ones! Don’t be afraid of mix-and-matching with this cool hair CC!

Sims 4 kids hair conversion CC by an0nymousghost

aharris00britney created a beautiful adult hair CC called MICA HAIR. Then, an0nymousghost converted it into kids CC.

This ombre hair is very pretty and it just makes the child sim look more cheerful!

If you want your little sim to have two-tone hairstyle, do consider this custom content! It’s super creative!

Sims 4 kids hair CC by Naevys Sims

A hair CC that contains 3 different styles? How can you NOT download this amazing content?

This CC is a good idea to install on your game especially when you want your young sims to have a feminine-looking hairstyle!

It’s hat-compatible and base game compatible. Mesh is not needed and it has 18 EA swatches!


Sims 4 Curly Hair CC

Sims 4 Hair CC Troubleshooting

How do you use CC hair in The Sims 4?

Once you have your favorite hair CC downloaded to your computer, go to the download folder. Find the downloaded CC and right-click on it. Then, if it’s in .zip or .rar format unzip the folder.

The next step is moving the unzipped files to the mod folder on your computer. Go to Documents>>Electronic Arts>>The Sims 4>> Mods.

After that, launch The Sims 4 game. On the game, press “ESC” button on your keyboard.

Have you seen the “GAME OPTIONS” tab? If so, then click “Other” and click “Enable custom content and mods”.

Close the game and relaunch it. Your CC should be already in the game and working well.

Why is my sim hair shiny?

Most likely, it’s related to your graphic setting on your game, not the custom content itself.

To fix this problem, turn off the laptop mode and set your graphics quality to medium, and change your sims to high (or even ultra!). You can also adjust your resolution.

This post was all about Sims 4 Hair CC

So, which one is your favorite Sims 4 hair CC? I hope you find what you’re looking for! If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to check out Sims 4 Makeup CC

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