27+ Sims 4 GShade Presets To Check Out!

It’s so good to know that there are beautiful Sims 4 Gshade presets that are free to download!

After downloading your favorite Sims 4 GShade preset, you can use it to customize and enhance the graphics of your game to create a different atmosphere and mood!

Sims 4 GShade Presets

This list is a curation of Sims 4 GShade presets. BTW, GShade is not ReShade. GShade is a modified version of ReShade with pre-configured enhancements, while ReShade itself allows for more extensive customization and user-generated presets.

Sims 4 GShade Presets by Asimsa “Sweet & Sour”

sims 4 gshade presets

Get ready to switch between these two presets effortlessly, allowing you to transform the vibe of your Sims 4 experience in an instant!

Choose Sweet for dazzling pink tones and striking shadows, perfect for capturing stunning screenshots.

Alternatively, opt for Sour to infuse your gameplay with a delightful brightness and vibrance, without overwhelming the visuals.

Sims 4 GShade Preset by chewybutterfly

sims 4 gshade preset

If you love taking screenshots, you probably need to try this amazing Gshade preset!

It drastically improves the aesthetic of the game visual!

In my observation, this is best to use for outdoor screenshots!

Sims 4 GShade Preset by Moonivys

sims 4 gshade presets

Do you love outlines? If so, maybe you need to try this unique TS4 GShade preset!

There are 2 versions available, with version 2 is clearer than version 1

Don’t forget to disable edge smoothing (under Game Options >> Graphics) for the best result!

Strudel Gshade Preset by Elaina

sims 4 gshade preset

If you’re looking for a soft and warm Gshade preset for The Sims 4, do check out this one!

As someone who wants to have the ENTIRE game look aesthetic, I am so happy to find this preset because it’s available for both gameplay and screenshot!

You can easily change the look by pressing shift+2 or shift+4.

Storybook GShade Preset by ellcrze

sims 4 gshade preset

This beautiful GShade preset changes the lighting of the objects as if they are touched by direct sunlight.

It makes the game looks more realistic!

Candy Heart GShade Preset by Lady Simmer

sims 4 gshade preset

Now if you love anything vibrant or vivid, be sure to check out this awesome GShade preset because it gives more vibrance to the game visual!

It’s best to use in CAS mode because it’s too dark for gameplay.

Cotton Candy GShade Preset by Kawaii Whims

sims 4 gshade preset

This specific Gshade preset brings out the brightness level of the game graphic. When used properly, it can be a great tool to brighten up the look of the day.

However, in my observation, it’s not a good idea to use it when you need a close-up look of a sim as it can be too bright.

Draincore Gshade Preset by gloomiee

sims 4 gshade preset

It’s not for gameplay.

It’s best for screenshots on the CAS screen only because as you can see, it makes the sim blurry and you don’t want to have a gameplay like that.

Gretchen Gshade Preset by talentedtrait

sims 4 gshade preset

Talentedtrait is a Sims 4 pose creator as well as Sims 4 preset creator and is super talented!

Ophelia Gshade Preset by talentedtrait

sims 4 gshade preset

The Gretchen preset above was *accidentally* crafted when the creator tried to tweak Ophelia Gshade preset. So, this preset is kind of the original version of the previous preset above. Both of them are stunning!

I highly recommend both of them if you wanna take a gorgeous screenshot!

Sims 4 GShade Preset by mushroomwhims “Thunderstorm”

sims 4 gshade preset

It’s such a beautiful Gshade preset that brings out the unique look! It’s especially good for taking screenshot of builds!

Sims 4 Gshade Preset by ellcrze “Bloom”

sims 4 gshade preset
sims 4 gshade preset

The pink and blue colors are dominant in this preset, making it adorable and feminine.

Coco Dreams Gshade Preset by simbeautyguru

sims 4 gshade preset

If you have so many dark-skinned sims in your game, you should try this gorgeous Sims 4 Gshade preset as it can intensify their lovely looks!

Storyteller by ComfyBlob

sims 4 gshade preset

Amazing GShade preset by Comfyblob!

On Cloud 9 GShade Preset by TheBlondeSimmer

sims 4 gshade preset

Sassy Frassy GShade Preset by MidsummerMoon20

sassyfrassy preset

If you want to slightly add some aesthetic layer to your gameplay, give this Gshade preset a try!

It makes the look more realistic but nothing crazy.

See also: Sims 4 CAS backgrounds

Neapolitan GShade Presets Pack by MidsummerMoon20

There are 3 different GShade presets in this pack: strawberry preset, vanilla preset, and chocolate preset. Each of them has a unique vibe and you can pick your favorite one!

Milky Pastels GShade Preset by Simdriella

sims 4 gshade preset

Sometimes I feel sad when there is a certain thing on the internet I cannot access because they require something that is too high or too new.

When you need a GShade Preset that is suitable for older laptops or computers, you can try this one! You don’t need crazy requirements to have this Sims 4 Gshade preset.

Angel Cake GShade Preset by Lady Simmer

sims 4 gshade preset
sims 4 gshade preset

If you want a preset that makes the look more sharp or more defined, do check out this one!

Sims 4 GShade Preset by ellcrze

sims 4 gshade preset

This is my favorite Sims 4 Gshade preset so far! It makes the look aesthetic and clear without being too bright or altering the color too far. This is the kind of the Sims 4 look that I find pleasing.

Latte GShade Preset by ellcrze

sims 4 gshade preset

Petals GShade Preset by chewybutterfly

sims 4 gshade preset

Marigold GShade Preset by MidsummerMoon20

sims 4 gshade preset

Cranberry GShade Preset by Elaina

sims 4 gshade preset

Dreamy GShade Preset by gloomie

sims 4 gshade preset

Frosty Delights GShade Preset by Lady Simmer

sims 4 gshade preset

Groovy GShade Preset by ellcrze

Secluded GShade Preset by tetonet

How do you install GShade presets in Sims 4?

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for installing Gshade for The Sims 4:

  1. First, make sure you have removed Reshade and backed up your presets.
  2. Download GShade as well as your favorite GShade presets.
  3. Run the downloaded .exe file of GShade.
  4. Follow the installation wizard and select The Sims 4 as the game you want to install Gshade for.
  5. Set the folder for saving screenshots.
  6. Move the downloaded presets to the G-Shade presets folder.
  7. Start the game and wait for G-Shade to load (it might take longer the first time).
  8. Open the G-Shade settings menu.
  9. Set the overlay key and shader toggle key to preferred keys.
  10. Configure the screenshot key and set the screenshot path.
  11. Enable the “Show screenshot message” option for visual confirmation.
  12. Ensure the game looks the same as before.
  13. Press the overlay key to open G-Shade.
  14. In the home section, choose the desired preset folder.
  15. Select the appropriate preset (high-end, low-end, build screenshots, or Sim screenshots).
  16. Adjust settings within the preset as needed.
  17. Play the game and experience the preset’s effects.

Does Gshade work with Sims 4?

Does Gshade work with Sims 4?

Before using the Gshade preset:

Remember that there are some adjustments to do:

  1. Edge Smoothing: Turn it off. Disabling edge smoothing can result in sharper and more defined edges, enhancing the overall visual clarity of objects and characters in the game.
  2. 3D Scene Resolution: Set it to high. Increasing the 3D scene resolution can improve the level of detail and sharpness in the game’s graphics, making the visuals more immersive and realistic.
  3. Post-Processing Effects: Turn them off. Disabling post-processing effects can help maintain a clean and unfiltered appearance, reducing any potential visual distortions or alterations that may be introduced by these effects.

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