15 Sims 4 Gardening Tips From Beginner to Advanced!

Gardening in The Sims 4 can be both rewarding and profitable! In this blog post, I’m sharing with you some gardening tips to help your sims excel in the gardening department!

Sims 4 Gardening Tips

1. Start with a Garden Pot

Get a Garden Pot or Planter Box from Build Mode to begin planting.

2. Buy Seeds

Seeds are the lifeblood of your garden, and you can acquire them from various sources in the game.

Gardening equipment, computers, and phones all offer the option to purchase seeds. As your gardening skill improves, more seed varieties become available, allowing you to diversify your garden with a wide range of plants.

3. Get Rare Seeds

As your gardening skill advances and reaches level 10, you’ll unlock the coveted Rare Seed Packets. These special packets contain unique and valuable seeds that can lead to the growth of exceptional plants. Gaining access to rare seeds is a significant milestone for any dedicated Sim gardener..

4. Regularly Care for Plants

Water, weed, and spray for bugs to keep your plants healthy.

To maintain a flourishing garden, it’s essential to provide consistent care for your plants. This involves watering them regularly to keep them hydrated, weeding to remove unwanted growth, and using bug spray to protect against pests. Neglecting these tasks can lead to withering plants and negative moodlets for your Sim.

5. Watch for Plant Evolution

As your plants progress and improve in quality, they may reach the point of evolution. You’ll notice this when a sparkling animation appears around the plant. When a plant evolves, it reaches a higher quality level, making it more valuable and visually appealing. Keep an eye on your plants for this exciting transformation.

6. Use Fertilizer

Boost plant quality and size with fertilizer at level three gardening skill.

Purchase or gather fertilizer, especially in the Cottage Living Expansion Pack.

Remember, a plant with perfect quality is more profitable than a regular one.

7. Join a Gardening Group

Team up with others to share tasks and build friendships. However, watch out for thieves.

8. Plant According to Seasons

Consider the Seasons Expansion Pack for season-specific plants.

9. Utilize Some Traits

Traits like “Love the Outdoor”, “Green Thumb”, “Genius” and “Angler” have benefits for gardening.

10. Trim Carefully

When your Sim reaches level five in gardening skill, they gain access to the cutting ability.

This skill allows them to trim and shape their plants, enhancing their appearance. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution when using this ability. Over-trimming can harm the plant, potentially causing it to wither or even die. Therefore, it’s best to use the cutting ability sparingly and purposefully to maintain the health and vitality of your garden.

11. Experiment with Grafting

Grafting is an advanced gardening technique that becomes available as you progress in your gardening skill. This method involves combining parts of different plants to create new and unique species.

Experimenting with grafting can lead to the discovery of rare and valuable plants and produce.

By grafting different plant parts together, you can unlock the potential for extraordinary gardening outcomes!

12. Level Up for New Abilities

Increase your gardening skill to unlock more plant-related actions.

13. Experiment with Plant Locations

Try different plant locations for variety and aesthetics.

14. Consider Cheat Codes

I mean, why not?! Gardening is such a tedious job. You can use cheat codes for quicker or easier gardening progress!

15. Expand Your Garden

Consider larger gardening spaces for more crops.

How do you get perfect quality plants in Sims 4?

You can try fertilizing your plants in Sims 4 to achieve a better quality plant. Use good-quality fertilizer for the best results, and do it as much as you can to get the most benefits.

If you have the Cottage Living Expansion Pack, it can even make your giant crops bigger. But remember, you can only use fertilizer when your gardening skill is at level three.

What is the most profitable gardening in Sims 4?

Dragonfruit and orchid are among the most profitable plants in Sims 4. Growing them can bring you lots of simoleons!

How do you get rich from gardening in Sims 4?

In Sims 4, you can get rich from gardening by planting and harvesting valuable crops, such as dragonfruit and orchid, and selling them for Simoleons.