35+ FANTASTIC Sims 4 Furniture CC Packs!

I’m so glad there are amazing Sims 4 furniture CC that are free to download.

I think those custom content are super helpful when you want to do something cool in the build mode but you are not a designer.

Down below is a list of my favorite The Sims 4 furniture CC packs that you can download and install in your game!

BTW if you want to decorate your sim’s house room by room, be sure to check out my collection:

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Sims 4 Nursery CC

Oh, and if you want a whole premade house, do check out these 1-Floor Sims 4 Houses and download your favorite one!

Sims 4 Furniture CC

Sims 4 Furniture CC Pack by BuffSumm

sims 4 furniture cc

Soft-colored items cc for your child sim bedroom!

This awesome custom content pack includes a single bed, a toddler bed, a desk, a desk chair, a dresser, and more!!

Download this CC to help you decorate your little sim room in a pretty way!

Sims 4 Office Furniture CC Pack by Illogical Simmer

sims 4 furniture cc

Furniture cc pack for home office!

Not only can you find the usual tables here, but this awesome custom content set also contains a fully functional pedestal and floor fans and some decorative items such as a magnetically levitating plant. Wow, how awesome is that?!

Sims 4 Furniture CC Pack Kitchen by Tuds Mirr

sims 4 furniture cc

Minimalist kitchen furniture cc pack!

If you’re into Scandinavian interior or minimalist design, do consider this Sims 4 furniture cc pack.

This custom content set has 38 items and a total of 44 swatches!!! This includes beautiful counter islands, kitchen cabinets, and so much more!

Sundays Archipelago X SimspirationBuilds Furniture CC Pack

sims 4 furniture cc

Furniture cc pack for living room, cafe, and coworking space!

This comprehensive custom content set got a HUGE amount of items (and they got different swatches!!), some of them are a loveseat, triangle sofa chair, notebook and latte, nook window, short window, square window, and more!

Sims 4 Furniture CC Pack by S-imagination

sims 4 furniture cc

Kitchen custom content for simmer who loves decorating!

This fantastic Sims 4 CC furniture has so many kitchen appliances and decorations for your sims kitchen!

Sims 4 Bathroom Furniture CC Pack by BlueTeas Clovelly

sims 4 furniture cc

Bathroom stuff custom content pack!

Some of the items included in this set are a wall mirror, sink, toilet paper, tray, scent diffuser, AND MORE!

Download and install this CC on your game to help you upgrade your sim bathroom!

Aesthetic Sims 4 Furniture CC Pack for Bathroom by Myshunosun

sims 4 furniture cc

Contemporary bathroom furniture cc for The Sims 4!

Myshunosun creates maxis match CC and her works are beautiful!

This lovely furniture cc pack contains various bathroom stuff such as a bathtub, a toilet, a sink, a mirror, a rug, a soap dispenser, AND MORE!

Harrie The Country Collection Furniture CC Pack

sims 4 furniture cc

Country style furniture CC that looks gorgeous!

This Sims 4 CC furniture is simply stunning!

If you want to help your sims decorate their home with a country-style interior, do check out this collection.

Illogical Simmer Eco-Bathroom Mini CC Set

sims 4 furniture cc

Gorgeous bathroom furniture CC pack!

Although it “only” contains about 8 objects, this custom content mini set can be a great addition to your sims’ bathroom. Not only because this furniture cc set contains the common main stuff for a bathroom, but also because those objects are designed beautifully.

This furniture CC pack contains a toilet, a sink, a towel, a mirror, a table, and some other cool things for the bathroom!

Sims 4 Nursery Furniture CC Pack by Syboulette

sims 4 furniture cc

Nursery furniture cc pack for your baby sim!

Help your sim prepare a pretty room for her baby with this nursery items cc pack!

This custom content set contains a rattan baby crib, rattan storage tower, rattan baby clothes rack, wicker chair, sunny rug, and so on!

Oh, by the way, if you want to make the baby crib functional with this cc, don’t forget to use the invisible crib mod.

Sims 4 Living Room Furniture CC Pack by Severinka

sims 4 furniture cc

Living room furniture CC set with Scandinavian style!

This awesome Sims 4 furniture CC set has 3-seater sofa, 2-seater sofa, and various wooden furniture items for the living room!

Sims 4 Dining Room CC by Soloriya

sims 4 furniture cc

Dining room furniture CC pack!

This custom content set includes various items for your sims dining room or even restaurant! It includes:

  • cabinets
  • dining chair
  • dining table
  • shelves
  • pouf
  • pottery vase
  • wall decor

Max 20 Master Bedroom Furniture CC Pack

sims 4 furniture cc

Master bedroom furniture cc pack!

This fan-made Sims 4 furniture custom content set includes various items for the bedroom such as:

  • main bed
  • bedside table
  • bedside lamp
  • dresser
  • mirror
  • ottoman and blanket

Sims 4 Dining Furniture CC Pack by Soloriya

sims 4 furniture cc

Old vintage dining style furniture CC pack!

If you’re into vintage style, go check out this dining room CC pack! This custom content includes:

  • dining chair
  • dining table
  • ceiling lights
  • curtain
  • divider
  • shelf
  • hallway tables
  • rug

Severinka Evelina Nursery Furniture CC Pack for Sims 4

sims 4 furniture cc

Scandinavian nursery furniture cc pack!

This cute custom content furniture set includes pretty items for your sims nursery room, including:

  • toddler bed
  • decorative crib
  • bookshelf
  • balloon lamp
  • other beautiful nursery stuff!

Shino KCR Country Bathroom Furniture CC Pack

Country-style bathroom furniture CC pack!

This specific custom content set is actually a part of The Country Series by Shino KCR. This CC pack contains:

  • bathtub
  • sink
  • toilet
  • mirror
  • towel rack
  • curtain
  • and other pretty things!

If you want to use this CC pack, please ensure that your game is fully patched so the objects can appear normal.

Ravasheen Keep it Clean DIY Shower Furnishing CC Pack

sims 4 furniture cc

DIY shower room custom content furnishing cc pack for The Sims 4 game!

This custom-content pack contains functional removable shower head, functional waterfall shower head, a functional shower door, a modular shower wall backsplash, and different kinds of shower walls.

If you’re planning on building a DIY shower instead of placing clutter inside an existing one, you might want to check out this CC pack.

Sims 4 Furniture CC Pack (Princess Bedroom) by Severinka

sims 4 furniture cc

Stunning bedroom furniture CC pack for feminine sims!

I mean, look at how pretty the bed frame is!

This custom-content set includes:

  • bed
  • bed canopy
  • bed skirt
  • functional dresser
  • end table
  • table lamp

Kliekie Rafa Kids Bedroom Set Furniture CC Pack

Maxis match furniture CC pack with modern style!

If you love modern-style interior decoration design and you have a toddler or teenage sim, don’t forget to consider this custom content pack! This furniture CC pack has:

  • bunk bed frame and mattress
  • teenage bed frame and mattress
  • toddler bed frame and mattress
  • wardrobe
  • bookcase

Simscredible Naturalis Bedroom Furniture CC Pack

Creative bedroom furniture CC pack for naturalist sims!

This Sims 4 custom content pack for the bedroom is wonderful! You can see the awesome detail of the item such as on the coffee table. Oh, and by the way, this CC set contains:

  • wardrobe
  • coffee table
  • end table
  • shelf
  • bed
  • pillow
  • armchair
  • side table
  • various bed covers
  • sideboard
  • dresser

NyNaeve Design Mist Living Room Furniture CC Pack

mist living room furniture cc pack

Contemporary living room furniture CC pack for The Sims 4!

If you’re into minimalist interior decorating style, you can try this custom content pack! Don’t forget to mix and match each of the items to get the most out of the stylish look! BTW, this CC set includes:

  • large coffee table
  • small coffee table
  • loveseat
  • chaise
  • living chair
  • sideboard
  • and other great-looking items for the living room!

Jomsims Elamia Bedroom Furniture CC Pack

Feminine bedroom furniture CC pack for The Sims 4!

This custom content set contains various things for the bedroom! This fan-made cc pack contains:

  • double bed
  • dresser
  • end table
  • table lamp
  • loveseat

Pilar Calligraphik Bedroom Furniture CC Pack

Bedroom furniture CC set with geometric style!

If you love furniture and home decor with geometric motives, don’t forget to check out this custom content set! This bedroom CC pack contains 12 items including a double desk, dresser, desk, end table, wardrobe, et cetera.

BuffSumm The Laundry – Shelving Furniture CC Pack

DIY laundry shelving system custom content pack for The Sims 4!

When furnishing your sim’s house, don’t forget to add and customize the laundry room. You can do this by adding a shelving system with fan-made custom content, like this one. With this modular laundry shelving CC, you can build the storage according to your liking!

Jomsims Goldis Bathroom Furniture CC Pack

Modern futuristic style bathroom furniture custom content pack!

There are so many different options when it comes to interior decorating, even for the bathroom. You can style up your house (and your sim’s house) with various design styles. No matter which one you pick, be sure to consider not only the look but also the function.

Oh, and by the way, if you love modern or even futuristic kind of house design, maybe you should take a look at this bathroom CC set, which includes a bathtub, towel rail, ceiling light, and other awesome things!

Chicklet Magnolia Laundry Room CC

Farmhouse laundry room furniture CC pack!

This custom content set includes:

  • washer
  • dryer
  • wall shelf
  • open door arch
  • storage cube
  • wall cabinet
  • bookcase storage
  • functional dirty clothes hamper and dirty clothes deco

Onyxium Troila Living Room Furniture CC Pack

Living room furniture fan-made custom content set for The Sims 4!

I mean, look at the living room in the picture. HOW GORGEOUS IS THAT?!!! You can use this furniture CC pack to update your current living room and make it more beautiful!

This CC set includes:

  • double sofa
  • triple sofa
  • round coffee table
  • round end table
  • floor lamp
  • table lamp
  • bergere
  • rug
  • simple decorations

Sixam CC Artz Living Room Furniture CC

Super stylish!

Kardofe Living Room CC Set

TROIA Living Room

Severinka VEGA Living Room

Severinka Wella Living Room

NyNaeve Design Koala Bathroom Furniture CC Pack

Beautiful bathroom furniture CC set for your sim house!

This pretty custom content pack includes:

  • bathtub
  • shower
  • shower mat
  • toilet
  • sink
  • mirror
  • shelves
  • sideboard
  • bench
  • rug

RusticSims MAYAKEN Cozy Kitchen CC Pack

Ung999 Bedroom Jasper Furniture CC Pack

Severinka Nana Nursery Furniture CC Pack

Scandinavian baby room furniture CC pack with grey-pink items.

This alluring custom content set contains a baby crib pennant, toy horse, dresser, and other beautiful nursery stuff!

Sims 4 Furniture CC FAQs

What is CC Furniture?

Custom content (CC) furniture can be a piece of furniture or a pack of furniture pieces that are created by creative people (usually fans who love playing the game). CC furniture can be downloaded and then used inside The Sims game to decorate various rooms inside your sims house or even the backyard.

Can you download furniture with CC in Sims 4?

Yes, of course! Just go to the download page and proceed to download the furniture pack or item.

How do you use furniture CC in Sims 4?

After downloading the custom content pack, you can unzip it and install it in the game. Make sure to press “ESC” and go to the “GAME OPTIONS” to enable the custom content and mod option first. Once your furniture is imported to the game, you can manually arrange them to your liking to decorate your sims home.

This post was all about Sims 4 Furniture CC Packs.

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