11 STUNNING Sims 4 Eyes CC To Download NOW!

The Sims 4 eyes CC is another proof that the game is so fun to play!

Updating the color of your sim eyes can make them look so much more gorgeous! You can adjust the color to the day or the outfit! Oh, BTW if you want to make your sim look so much prettier, besides using these Sims 4 eyes CC don’t forget to also check out Sims 4 eyeliner CC!

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Without further ado, check out these Sims 4 eyes CC!

Sims 4 Eyes CC


sims 4 eyes cc

This Sims 4 maxis match eyes CC is so cool! It has a clean and sharp texture that looks great in the game!

It has various swatches, including heterochromia swatches.

Heterochromia is a condition where someone has two different eye colors. So, let’s say the right eye is blue and the left eye is brown. How amazing is that?!

This heterochromia eyes CC will let you customize your sim to have two different eye colors at once!


This Sims 4 eyes CC is called Aqua Trigger Eyes Muted Naturals. This custom content is perfect if you want your sim to have natural, subtle eye colors.

The color swatches are truly gorgeous! I mean, look at those shades of brown! This natural CC can be so refreshing especially when you have been seeing so many bright-colored eyes.


These eyes are all pretty, don’t you agree?

It looks realistic and it has 20 beautiful swatches that you can choose from!


If you’re into bright eye colors, don’t forget to include this CC in your Sims 4 CC eyes folder! It has stunning bright colors as well as darker ones. It has 27 color swatches in total!

So, if you love changing your sim eye colors every single day, I highly recommend this CC!

It’s base game compatible and great for sims of various ages!


Woah! Such enchanting eyes CC!

It’s truly dazzling, just like the name, dazzling light. It’s lively and beautiful!

This eyes CC is available in 18 color swatches. It’s available in three versions: default replacement, non-defaults, and facepaint. It also offers heterochromia version to make an eye has a different color. In order to achieve this, you need to combine this version with the non-default or default replacement of another color. This way, the color of your sim’s left eye will be different from the right eye.

It’s suitable for male and female sims of various ages from toddlers to the elder!

Dangerouslyfreejellyfish WHISPER EYES CC

This famous eye CC is a must-have, especially if you’re a big fan of heterochromia eyes CC for Sims 4!

It’s a beautiful custom content that is available for sims of all ages and it’s available in so many color swatches!


If you want your sim to have a stunning CC with some maxis match touch, give this eyes CC a try. This custom content is available in 20 color swatches, including the original EA swatches and two other colors.

If you want heterochromia overlays (for all ages!), try to find it in the facepaint category.


This darling mesmerizing eyes CC is available in 18 EA swatches!

You can get it as a non-default, contacts (facepaint), and overrides. As a non-default version, this CC will appear as extra eye swatches in the game. As a facepaint, this CC will appear as contacts. The override version means it can replace the default EA eye swatches.

It’s available for female and male sims of all ages!

Solistair ELCHE EYES V2 CC

This version is an update for the original Elche Eyes CC. Get ready to choose because this amazing eyes CC is available in 24 color swatches!

It’s available as facepaint, default, and non-default version. With the facepaint version, you can use this CC as contacts for your sim.

It’s available for male and female sims of all ages!

It’s base-game compatible and HQ compatible!


This dazzling eyes CC is available for various ages, both for male and female sims! It is available in 19 swatches that you can choose from!


This beautiful Sims 4 eyes CC is suitable for sims of various ages! These comet-shaped eyes are so stylish!

It comes in 20 color swatches so you will have a wide option to choose from! You can update your sim look every single day!

It comes in two versions facepaint and nondefault.

If you want your sim to have unique eyes, don’t forget to consider this CC!

This post was all about Sims 4 Eyes CC.

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