11 BEAUTIFUL Sims 4 Eyeliner CC

Sims 4 eyeliner CC is one of the staple custom content for simmers who love to make their sims stand out! I mean, who doesn’t love adding a little yet pretty addition to their sim’s eyes? It is a great way to add drama and depth to your sim’s appearance.

With the Sims 4 Eyeliner CC, you can give your sims a stunning addition to their makeup that’s (usually) available in a variety of colors and styles.

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Sims 4 Eyeliner CC

Glitter Eyeliner by Anonimux Simmer

Sims 4 eyeliner CC is a cute little addition that can take your sim’s look to the next level! And this custom content is proof!

This unique custom content provides you with a dazzling, sparkly look that can be used to create amazing and eye-catching makeup looks. It’s available in 10 swatches that range in color and shade, allowing you to get creative with your sim’s makeup and create a look that’s truly unique to her!

Eyeliner CC3 by Lean

This eyeliner CC has an open-wings style, and it’s fabulous! It’s available in 10 swatches that you can choose from to create a perfect look for your sim! If you want an elegant, sophisticated look, you can opt for dark-colored swatches. However, if you want your sim to look like a stylish fashionista, you can pick from more vibrant colors.

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Gemini Eyeliner by Peachiiesims

A duo-waterliner CC with a whopping 65 swatches?!! Yes, please!

Gemini Eyeliner packs a punch with its vast range of colors, giving you a variety of options to choose from. This custom content is perfect when your sim needs a colorful look for the day.

Remember, unlike the regular eyeliner CC, this one combines two colors to create a unique look. With so many swatches, Gemini Eyeliner is sure to give your sims the perfect pop of color and style. The possibilities are endless with this great CC!

North Eyeliner by crypticsim

This eyeliner looks so unique and special!

It has a kind of cat-eye wings which can give a dramatic look!

It’s available in 20 swatches so pick the one that actually suits your sim style!

Butterfly Eyeliner by Miiko

Miiko is one of the most talented Sims 4 CC creators out there. I mean, look at how crafty this custom content is!

This butterfly eyeliner is a signature look that can help your sim looks pretty. It will add a creative flair to the eyes with its butterfly wings (which look like actual butterfly wings!).

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Graphic Liner Set CC by chewybutterfly

This custom content features 7 different kinds of eyeliner and each of them has various swatches to choose from!

The look of each version is truly creative and you can use each of them to create a unique look for your sim!

Natural Eyeliner by Cosimetic

This natural eyeliner CC is sooo gorgeous!!!

It truly looks natural without excessive addition, so it’s perfect when you want your sim to have a “no-makeup” makeup look!

I think this lovely eyeliner CC is a fantastic idea because it can provide a subtle, yet beautiful effect that enhances the look of your sim without going overboard. Natural-looking eyeliner highlights the eyes and gives them a more defined shape while still keeping them looking simple, clean, yet elegant!

This probably is one of my favorite TS4 CC eyeliners!

Fox Eyeliner 05 B HQ by Alf-si

An eyeliner CC for both human sims and aliens!

This lovely custom content can give a nice addition to your sim’s eyes when you want a simple yet noticeable look!

Eyeliner CC Set by ShojoAngel

Use this beautiful eyeliner CC to make your sim look even more gorgeous! If you want your sim to look elegant, you can try the natural version. However, if you need a dramatic look, you can opt for the bold version.

Eyeliner NB14 by MSQSIMS

This pretty eyeliner CC is available for teens, adults, and elders! It’s available in 6 swatches that you can choose from!

Eyeliner CC Pack by Pralinesims

Finally, let’s conclude this list with this IMPRESSIVE Sims 4 eyeliner CC pack from Pralinesims!

If you haven’t tried any of her CC creations, you should try one! And you can start with this amazing CC eyeliner!

It features 96 eyeliner CC with different color swatches!!! 😲

I can’t imagine how she crafted this massive CC collection but it’s surely magnificently awesome and deserves some appreciation!

So check out this eyeliner CC set, download it, and install it on your game!

So, what do you think? Which is your favorite one?

The Sims 4 CC eyeliner is a great way to add a little something extra to your sim’s look. With various styles and colors available, you are sure to find one that works perfectly for your sim! So go ahead and spruce up their eye makeup with some beautiful eyeliner CC!

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