15+ Great-Looking Sims 4 Dress CC

I always want my female sims to look gorgeous and feminine, and one of the easiest ways to do that is by putting them in a pretty dress!

Are you a big fan of The Sims 4 dress CC as well?

This list contains various items including sims 4 long dress CC and sims 4 short dress CC.

So get ready for CC shopping!

Sims 4 Dress CC

Sims 4 classic long dress CC by Dari Sims

Classic dresses are often so elegant and well, classy! If you’re a huge fan of this style, remember that this custom dress is available in 25 swatches and it’s BGC!

Lola Dress CC by Satterly

Are you on a hunt for some gorgeous, feminine, ladylike long dress for summer? If so, don’t forget to check out this beautiful dress CC!

It’s available in 45+35 swatches so get ready to choose!

Solarite Dress by AdrienPastel

This gorgeous sims 4 dress CC is available for teen to elder and it’s available in 30 swatches!

Dolce Vita Dress by AdrienPastel

This is another amazing custom content by AdrienPastel! This awesome dress CC looks so chic and elegant!

It’s available in more than 30 swatches that you can choose from!

Vintage Summer Dress by Miiko CC

If you need a summer dress CC that has a vintage look, consider this awesome CC! This custom dress has laces and cute little roses that add a touch of a delicate vibe.

Stella Dress CC by Kumikya

This custom content is so versatile! You can say it’s a formal dress CC as well as party dress CC! It’s also tagged as every day!

You can choose between the plain version or the one with star pattern.

Butterfly Dress by Cakenoodles

Sylvia Dress by Nightingale

Maya Dress by Black Lily

This could be one of my favorite dress CC! You can use this to achieve a casual look or a somehow-formal look. Pick the color carefully to adjust with the vibe you want to get!

It comes in various swatches and it’s available for teen, young adult, and adult sims!

Raye Dress by Simmer Addiction83

It comes in a whopping 35 swatches and it’s available for various sims ages from teens to elder!

Snow White Dress by Miiko

Rose Dress by Miiko

Oh, look at this dress!

The detail is so pretty and stylish!

It’s so cute and stunning!

Cut Out Summer Dress by Miiko

Now if you want a summer dress CC that is more playful, do check out this one! It’s available in various swatches so you can adjust the color to your sim’s skin tone or to make it similar to your sim’s family’s outfit theme of the day!

One Shoulder Suit Dress CC by Sims2fanbg

Kyra Dress by Brianite Sims

Dolce Dress CC by Brianite Sims

Bijou Dress by Madlen

Strapless Dress CC by Madlen

This amazing maxis match CC is called “Celine Dress”. It’s a corset mini dress that looks absolutely stunning!

I hope you found something pretty for your female sim! Remember, when choosing sims 4 dress CC always consider your sim’s personality and whether or not it’s compatible with your gameplay! Happy simming!