21+ STYLISH Sims 4 CC by Simcelebrity00

Simcelebrity00 is one of those talented Sims 4 CC creators. Currently, most of her creations are hairstyle CC. So, if you need a new hair CC for your female sim, you should check out her page.

There are 100+ TS4 hairstyle CC crafted by Simcelebrity00. Other than that, there are some amazing clothing CC by her. However, in this post, I wanna focus on the hair CC and I will only include about 25 hair CC in this post.

As usual, if you’re interested in a certain item, don’t hesitate to click the DOWNLOAD button. It won’t directly download the item to your computer. Instead, you will be redirected to a new page where you can learn more about the CC and normally you can find the download link on the new page.

So, let’s jump into the list!

Simcelebrity00 Hair CC for The Sims 4

Simcelebrity00 GODDESS Hair CC

This maxis match hair CC is so beautiful!

It’s available for teen, adult, and elder sim.

It’s base-game compatible and hat-compatible. This hairstyle CC is available in all 24 EA swatches so you got so many options to choose from!

Simcelebrity00 QUIRKY Hair CC

Sims 4 braided hair CC is so special, especially this one! This gorgeous, sweet custom hair by Simcelebrity00 is a must-have if you love braided hairstyle!

Of course, it’s a maxis match hair CC. It’s base game compatible and hat compatible.

In order to achieve the best look on your screen, don’t forget to change your sim detail to very high.

Simcelebrity00 FLORA Hair CC

If you truly love braided hair CC, consider this one too!

This one is longer and it has front bangs so it’s more girlish.

Depending on how you dress up your sim, this hair CC can be a great addition to your cottagecore CC folder!

Simcelebrity KELCY Hair CC

Now if you love braided hairstyle but you don’t like long hair, maybe you need to take a look at this one!

Kelcy hairstyle has the modern vibe. It’s short but it has some cute little braids. The neat haircut is so classy and the braid is so trendy!

Simcelebrity00 CHARLOTTE Hair CC

This hair CC looks so lovely!

There are multiple versions that you can get from this CC. If you want to download the roots accessory and ombre accessory you can go to SimCelebrity00 Patreon.

Simcelebrity00 DIANA Hair CC

This long, wavy hair CC is stunning!

You can let your female sim wear it every single day! It’s just so pretty and elegant!

Simcelebrity00 LANA Hair CC

Long hair CC with little cute bangs!

It’s attractive no matter which side you’re looking at! It’s base-game compatible and it’s available in all 24 EA color swatches!

Simcelebrity00 ESMERALDA Hair CC

This wavy-curly hair CC is SUPER LOVELY!

Look at the tucked hair, and I mean look at the delicate bangs! Oh, and pay attention to the back, the hair looks voluminous and gorgeous! It’s 100% recommended if you want your sim to look feminine!

Super super gorgeous!

Simcelebrity00 ESME Hair CC

It’s probably one of my MOST FAVORITE Sims 4 hair CC!! It’s simple yet so beautiful!

It’s base-game compatible and hat compatible! It’s also available in all 24 EA color swatches!

Simcelebrity00 ATHENA Hair CC

This mid-length hair CC is simply stunning!

It’s hat compatible and base-game compatible!

Simcelebrity00 MADISON Hair CC

Forgive me if I include too many long hair CC in this list because I just love them SO MUCH 😭

Madison hair CC is the answer for simmers who love long, straight hair CC that is simple without complicated styling! It’s simply gorgeous!

Simcelebrity00 ALEXA Hair CC

Simple and gorgeous!

If you want your sim to have an elegant look, don’t forget to consider this hair CC!

It’s available in all 24 EA swatches and it’s base-game compatible!

Simcelebrity00 MANI Hair CC

So cute and classy!

It’s a bit of a challenge to find classy Sims 4 hair CC, isn’t it? But don’t worry because now you can download this custom hair to your computer!

If you want to dress up your sim in a retro style, don’t forget to try this hair! It’s available in all 24 EA swatches and it’s base-game compatible!

Simcelebrity00 COREY Hair CC

Does your sim need a new bun hairstyle CC? If so, you should take a look at this custom hair!

I love the neat look of this hairstyle CC. Yeah, strands might be pretty but sometimes it feels so good to look sharply clean, isn’t it?

This hair CC by Simcelebrity00 is available in 24 EA color swatches and it’s base-game compatible! It means that you don’t need to install any expansion packs to enjoy this CC!

Go check this out!

Simcelebrity00 CORA Hair CC

This fantastic hair CC is perfect for trendy, modern sim. It’s suitable for teenager, adult, and elderly however I think it suits young adult sims better.

If you don’t like the dark color, don’t worry you can try some of the light color because it’s available in all 24 EA swatches!

Simcelebrity00 JACKLYN Hair CC

Yay! Another classic hairstyle CC for 50’s fashion lovers!

This fancy hair CC has hair clips included!

It’s hat-compatible and base-game compatible!

Simcelebrity00 JESSICA Hair CC

Finally, an ombre hair CC!! And yes, of course, it’s maxis match!

If you feel that plain-colored hair looks boring, you need to take a look at this custom hairstyle!

Jessica hair CC by Simcelebrity00 is so gorgeous!

After installing this CC, go to the face paint category to find the ombre accessory. It’s slider-compatible!

Simcelebrity00 DAKOTA Hair CC

This medium-length hair CC is so cute and gorgeous!!

If your sim needs a new straight hair CC with front bangs, do check out this one!

Simcelebrity00 ELLE Hair CC

This hair CC is super pretty! Long, wavy hair with a scarf is a gorgeous idea when you want to dress up your sim in a feminine, ladylike outfit! Especially when it comes to cottagecore lifestyle!

Simcelebrity00 JOAN Hair CC

This half-up half-down hairstyle CC is so beautiful!

This custom hair is so versatile and suitable for all adult sims from teens to the elderly! It’s base game compatible and it’s available in 24 EA swatches!

Simcelebrity00 DUA Hair CC

Do you like a two-tone hairstyle?? If so, you need to download this hair CC!

You can download the hair CC on TSR while the two-tone accessory is available on Simcelebrity00 Patreon.

Simcelebrity00 NINA Hair CC

Do you need a new pretty hair bun for your female sim? Don’t forget to try this cute CC! It looks almost effortless yet so attractive!

Simcelebrity00 ANARA Hair CC

Long hair with bangs is pretty, but if you prefer little braided bangs instead of regular bangs, maybe you should check out this hair CC!

It’s hat-compatible and base-game compatible! It looks attractive from any point of view! The front part has cute braids and the back part has a ponytail!

Simcelebrity00 MINDY Hair CC

Now if you want ponytail hair CC but you want something simpler, this one can be a perfect addition to your collection!

This side-ponytail hairstyle CC looks calm and beautiful. Remember that it’s available in 24 EA swatches. You can choose the color that suits your sim style best!

Simcelebrity00 BRIDGETTE Hair CC

Aww! How adorable! It’s super pretty I’m obsessed with it!

It’s long, it’s wavy, and it’s hat-compatible!

The curtain bangs make this hairstyle look super cute and lovely

So, what do you think? Which one is your favorite hair CC by Simcelebrity00?

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I hope you can find your favorite Simcelebrity00 CC in this post! If you feel that there are some super amazing custom content that should be added to this list, please let me know in the comment section below! Thank you!