15 Sims 4 Bedroom CC [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Are you looking for some bedroom CC packs for The Sims 4? You’re at the right place!

Down below is a list of amazing fan-made custom content packs for The Sims 4! You can use these awesome creations to update your sim bedroom!

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Sims 4 Bedroom CC

Nora Bedroom CC Pack by Soloriya

nora bedroom cc

STUNNING bedroom custom content pack for The Sims 4!

This CC set is just really gorgeous!! It includes:

  • bed
  • coffee table
  • end table
  • dressers
  • and more!

Lottie Bedroom CC Pack by Myshunoshun

lottie bedroom cc

Minimalistic bedroom CC pack with a boho vibe!

This splendid custom content pack is a great tool to update your sim room! This CC set contains:

  • bedframe
  • mattress
  • desk
  • desk mirror
  • desk stool
  • and more!

Georgette Bedroom CC Pack by Simenapule

georgette bedroom cc

Sims 4 bedroom CC pack with a round bed!

If you’re looking for a unique, futuristic, and a bit unexpected style for your sim room, try this custom content pack! This CC set includes:

  • round bed
  • blanket
  • floor lamp
  • books
  • shelvef
  • and other stuff to combine with the beautiful look!

Today’s House Bedroom CC Pack by NICKNAME_Sims4

todays house bedroom custom content

Korean bedroom CC pack!

Korean bedroom CC pack!

If you’re into Korean vibe, maybe you should check out this fan-made bedroom custom content set. This adult bedroom CC pack has:

  • bed
  • duvet
  • bed table
  • end table
  • clothes rack
  • humidifier (HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!!)

Morning Tea Bedroom CC Pack by SIMcredible

morning tea bedroom cc

Modern bedroom custom content pack for The Sims 4!

No, the shelf is not a built-in thing. The bed frame, the sideboard, and the shelf are three separated items that you can rearrange all the time according to your preferred setting.

This bedroom CC pack has:

  • bed frame
  • sideboard
  • mattress
  • pillows
  • blanket
  • mirror

Siko Bedroom CC Pack by Jomsims

siko bedroom cc

Natural wood-style bedroom CC pack!

This wonderful custom content pack has 12 items with different swatches. You can find bed CC, headboard CC, blanket CC, wall mirror CC, and MORE!

Amelia Bedroom CC Pack

amelia bedroom cc

Artistic bedroom CC pack for The Sims 4!

Another wooden custom content pack with a wooden-style. It’s so creative! I mean look at that those floral ornaments! If you want a pretty yet relaxing vibe, maybe you should give this CC set a try!

This CC has:

  • bed
  • chair
  • chest
  • screen
  • dresser
  • and some other GORGEOUS things!

Glen Bedroom CC Pack by Artvitalex

glen bedroom cc

Stylish bedroom custom content set for The Sims 4!

You can use this wonderful creation to update your sim room! This pack has 9 items, including:

  • bed
  • wardrobe
  • chest of drawers
  • rug
  • and other cool things!

Thyme Bedroom CC Pack

thyme bedroom cc

Traditional Asian bedroom CC pack!

This custom content set includes:

  • double bed frame
  • bedding
  • canopy curtain
  • candle
  • the lanterns!

Kalea Bedroom CC Pack by Ung999

kalea bedroom cc

A beautiful bedroom CC pack with a modern vibe!

This custom content set has 7 items including double bed, dresser, end table, living chair, and other pretty things for the bedroom!

Sims 4 Maxis Match Bedroom CC

Raglan Bedroom CC Pack

raglan bedroom cc

Comfy bedroom CC pack with boho style!

This custom content pack has:

  • double bed CC
  • single bed CC
  • side table
  • and some other cool things!

Minimalist Bedroom CC by IllogicalSims

minimalist bedroom cc

Simplistic bedroom CC set for The Sims 4!

If you love a bedroom with a clean or simple look, don’t forget to try this custom content pack!

Sims 4 Teen Room CC

sims 4 teen bedroom cc

Alfredo Bedroom CC Pack by Kardofe

Sporty teenage bedroom CC pack!

This wonderful CC set includes:

  • bed with basketball headboard
  • trophy-shaped bookshelf
  • end table with baseball sticks-like legs
  • and other cool things!

Sims 4 Modern Bedroom CC

sims 4 modern bedroom cc

Urban Bedroom Kit by Quirky Introvert CC

This HUGE bedroom CC pack contains 50 items to choose from. This custom content set includes:

  • various beds
  • various plants
  • various lights
  • mirrors

Kamila Mid Century Modern Bedroom CC Pack by Severinka

mid century modern bedroom cc

Mid-century modern bedroom CC pack that is GORGEOUS!

This custom content pack is so beautiful! I mean, look at that velvety texture and the homey boho vibe!

This bedroom CC set contains:

  • double bed
  • dresser
  • ent table
  • ceiling lamp
  • cactus pillow

This post was all about Sims 4 bedroom CC pack.

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