20 FREE Sims 4 CC Beds That Look SUPER COMFY!

Do you want to update your sim bedroom with new furniture? Don’t forget to take a look at these Sims 4 bed CC!

These Sims 4 CC beds look so comfy that you might wanna have one of them in real life 😄

Do check out this list and when you love a certain item, just click the DOWNLOAD button to learn more about the CC and find the download link on the new page.

This list includes various bed custom content for all sim ages.

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Now, when you’re truly looking for The Sims 4 CC bed let’s jump onto this list and pick your favorite one!

Sims 4 Bed CC – Adult

Retro Bed CC by Jomsims

This bed is super cute and retro! This bed CC belongs to a set but you can download it as an individual item.

Gorgeous Bed CC by SIMcredible!

This gorgeous Sims 4 bed CC has an extraordinary wide headboard that looks like seamlessly-attached end tables.

This custom content is available in various color swatches so you can pick the one that suits your sim bedroom vibe!

Double Bed CC by Ung999

An impressive bed CC with drawers attached on its extra-large headboard.

It has 4 color variants that you can choose from!

Double Bed CC by Jomsims

Artistic bed CC with a natural wood style.

You can download it as is or you can also go to the pack and download multiple bedroom items CC at once.

Mid Century Modern Bed CC by Severinka

If your sim house is designed in a mid-century modern style, don’t forget to consider this bed CC to be placed in the bedroom!

This item is available in three color swatches. The pink one looks so pretty!

Hanging Bed CC by Syboulette

If you need something beyond the mediocre bed frame, do check out this double bed CC!

This hanging bed CC can be a great addition to your sim bedroom!

Double Bed CC by Severinka

Luxurios bed CC for a chic vibe!

This custom content is a part of a bedroom CC pack called “Olga Bedroom Pt. I”. You can download it as an individual item or you can also download the whole set.

Sims 4 Bed CC – Teen

Sporty Bed CC by Kardofe

This bed CC has a sport-themed headboard which is perfect for your sporty teen sims! It also has storage space under the bed. A really cool bed for a young sim!

Oltorf Bed CC by Artvitalex

This beautiful bed CC is a part of the bedroom CC pack called “Oltorf Teen Bedroom”. However, you can download it as an individual item.

Sims 4 Bed CC – Kids

Adorable Child Bed CC by SIMcredible!

Super cute kid bed CC with wheels!

This fun custom content has three swatches so you can pick one that suits your sim the most!

Adorable Child Bed CC by Pilar

This cute bed has some mid-century modern vibe that you can combine with almost everything in the interior design style!

Anders Kid Bed CC by Jomsims

A single bed option for the little sims! This Sims 4 bed CC is a good idea when you love clean lines and wooden furniture.

Space-Themed Kid Bed CC by Syboubulette

A fantastic kid bed CC with a space theme!

This CC has animated blanket and sheet. This custom content is perfect for a little sim who loves science and dreaming!

Contemporary Kids Bed CC by Severinka

This beautiful bed CC looks lux and contemporary. It has an elegant design and it can be placed in your child sim bedroom or teen sim bedroom!

Adorable Kids Bed CC by Severinka

Super cute and elegant bed CC for your kid sim!

Sims 4 Bed CC – Toddler

House Toddler Bed CC by Severinka

This cute little bed is suitable for a male or female toddler sim! It has several color swatches that you can choose from!

Tent-Shaped Toddler Bed CC by Severinka

Severinka creates AMAZING Sims 4 custom content that are too good to miss! This bed CC is just a quick example.

This tent-like bed is perfect for your playful toddler sim. This CC is available in several swatches that you can choose from!

Sims 4 Round Bed CC

Surprise…. surprise!! If you’ve been looking for some cute or fancy bed CC for your game, take a look at these awesome round bed CC!

Round Bed CC by Sims Fans

This custom content pack contains a round bed and a dresser, each of them has two color swatches.

Sims 4 Round Bed CC by Mechta

sims 4 round bed cc

Super cute round bed CC for your stylish sim bedroom! This custom content is base-game compatible and it’s available in 4 swatches!

Round Bed CC by Simenapule

Last but definitely not least, do check out this round bed CC that looks super comfy! I mean, how can you not want to sleep on it? You can use this CC to elevate the look of your sim bedroom!

This post was all about Sims 4 CC Beds

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