10 Sims 4 Bathroom CC Packs!

Remodeling the bathroom needs some work, let alone building it from scratch. Fear not, with these Sims 4 bathroom CC packs you can easily update your sim bathroom (or create a new one) in a fun way!

Sims 4 Bathroom CC

1. Sims 4 Bathroom CC Pack by Ung999

aloe bathroom cc sims 4

A bathroom CC pack with a modern style.

The mirror swatches are SUPER PRETTY! I love the marble frame SO flippin’ MUCH!!!! If you love an elegant-looking mirror you should check out this CC pack!

Oh, and of course, this custom content set does NOT only contain a mirror. In fact, it has 10 bathroom items and each of them are designed beautifully!

It includes a bathtub, toilet, decorative bidet, wall mirror, shelf, shower set, sink, wall shelf, and a wall lamp. Each of them has color swatches so you can adjust it to your liking!

2. Janette Bathroom Acessories CC Pack by ArtVitalex

janette bathroom cc sims 4

Bathroom accessories CC pack for The Sims 4!

This beautiful bathroom clutter CC pack includes a bathroom cart, a towel, a towel holder, a soap dish, a soap dispenser, a storage jar, shaving brush and powder, shampoo, a toilet brush, a toilet paper storage tower, little basket, and accessories base.

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3. Sims 4 Bathroom Clutter CC by BuffSumm

cosmetic clutter for bathroom cc

A curation of makeup CC for your sim bathroom!

Decorating the bathroom is one thing. But do you know what’s more exciting? Stuffing your bathroom with pretty items! These adorable cosmetics are A MUST if you have an adult female sim. Help her look great in front of her husband and kids!

This custom content pack has makeup brushes, foundation, lipstick, perfume, and other gorgeous things!

4. Sims 4 Bathroom CC by NynaeveDesign

xero bathroom cc

Modern bathroom CC pack with simplistic vibe!

If you love minimalistic modern interior design style, consider this bathroom custom content pack!

This fabulous CC set includes bathtub, shower, toilet, sink, ottoman, shelves, and some other cool things for the bathroom!

I think the ottoman is very cute! It has 2 swatches, one with the green color and one with some pink-brown color. The towel is also very pretty! It also come in two swatches (I love the pink one) and it has a simple feminine decoration on it.

Go check it out!

5. Bathroom Lusso Decor by Ung999

lusso bathroom cc

What an amazing pack of bathroom decor CC!

This custom content pack has wonderful decor items that you can use to elevate your sim bathroom look!

This awesome bathroom CC pack has a decorative candle, mirror, rug, throw towel, vase, wall art, towel rack, room divider, toilet paper stand, and a FUNCTIONAL laundry hamper!

The detail on the vase is AMAZING! It has a visible texture and some of the swatches has color gradients on it. The wall art is also fascinating. If you love wall art or painting, you might want to check this bathroom CC out!

6. Limoges Bathroom Accessories CC Pack by Onyxium

limoges bathroom cc

This creative bathroom CC packs has a towel, towel holder, toilet paper holder stand, toilet brush, soap dispenser, soap toothbrush with tray, cream, perfume, plant, and a reed diffuser. The swatches of the bathroom accessories are good-looking too! So, if you don’t like a certain color or model, you can choose another option.

7. Forest Fantasy Bathroom Decor

forest fantasy bathroom cc sims 4

Decorative bathroom CC pack for a cabin house!

Does your sim love forest and nature? If so, consider getting her this fantastic bathroom decor!

This bathroom CC pack has a Nordic-forest vibe and it looks really cool! I mean, look at that wooden moose decor!

This custom content pack has a bear towel rack, moose towel rack, wolf towel rack, toilet paper holder, paper towel holder, soap dish holder, napkin holder, toothbrush, towel, bathroom accessories and a two pretty FUNCTIONAL shelves! And guess what, each of them has 3 color swatches!!

So, check them out!

8. Delphine Bathroom CC Pack by Syboulette

delphine bathroom cc sims 4

Functional bathroom CC pack!

All items inside this custom content set is base game-compatible. The bathroom appliances are also FUNCTIONAL, including the shower door and trash bin. My favorite item in this pack is probably the sink because it looks simplistic, modern, and stylish.

9. Lux Bathroom CC Pack by SIXAM

lux bathroom cc

Luxury bathroom CC pack!

If your sim love anything fancy, consider this awesome bathroom custom content set!

10. Quiet Attraction Bathroom CC Pack by SIMScredible!

quiet attraction bathroom cc sims 4

Super elegant bathroom CC pack for a spa-like bathtime!

If your sim has a stressful day at work or simply needs a mood boost, let her take a bath in a relaxing bathroom just like the one pictured above! Of course, you can make something like that using this bathroom CC pack! Download it and use it to create a charming ambient in the bathroom!

Yes, this bathroom custom content pack has a beautiful hot tub and bathtub. But my favorite thing here is the FIREPLACE! Yes, it has a fireplace CC that you can use to make the overall atmosphere more relaxing!

So, what do you think? Which one is your favorite CC? As awesome as they look, don’t forget to always consider the style that suits your sim best, and don’t forget to actually use the downloaded CC to update your sim bathroom! Happy simming!

This post was all about Sims 4 bathroom CC pack.

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