My Happy Marriage Chapter 24: Release Date with TIME ZONES

My Happy Marriage Chapter 24 has been released!

My Happy Marriage Chapter 24, is released on Monday, July 2023. Get ready!

My Happy Marriage Chapter 24 Release Date

Here’s a table to help you find out the release date of My Happy Marriage Chapter 24!

Release DateTime Zone
Japan9:00 pm JST on July 10, 2023
South Korea9:00 pm KST on July 10, 2023
US8:00 am EST on July 10, 2023
Canada8:00 am NT on July 10, 2023
India5:30 pm IST on July 10, 2023
Australia10:00 pm AEST on July 10, 2023
Philippines8:00 pm PHT on July 10, 2023
My Happy Marriage Chapter 24 Release Date with Time Zones

Where to read My Happy Marriage Chapter 24

You can access Chapter 24 on Global Manga Up (Raw with English Translations). To access the latest chapters on this platform, you’ll need to download the app on your mobile device or tablet and subscribe.

Recap of My Happy Marriage Chapter 23

In the previous chapter, Miyo Saimori expressed concern about Danna-Sama, who appeared fatigued and distant. She wondered if there was anything she could do to assist him.

Despite her efforts, Miyo continued to be haunted by her nightly nightmares, which left her perpetually fatigued. Nevertheless, in her dreams, there was always a guiding presence leading her toward the light.

We also delved deeper into Hazuki San’s backstory, including her early marriage at the age of seventeen, which was arranged for political reasons. Hazuki San’s story left Miyo pondering whether she would ever find the strength to share her own traumatic life experiences.

Q&A About My Happy Marriage

Does Kiyoka love MIYO?

As he grew older, Kiyoka found himself betrothed to Miyo Saimori. Initially, it appeared that he held little affection for her. However, as time went on, his feelings seemed to evolve, and he became more caring and affectionate towards her.

What is the age difference between MIYO and Kiyoka?

Miyo is 19 years old, while Kiyoka is 27.

What is the anime My Happy Marriage based on?

The anime “My Happy Marriage” is an adaptation of the light novel series of the same name by Souichirou Hatano. The narrative centers around Miyo Saimori, a young woman born into a family where everyone possesses supernatural abilities, except her.