Most Profitable Plants in Sims 4

You can grow and sell various plants to earn Simoleons. But you might be wondering, what’s the most expensive plant in Sims 4 to make money?

Most Expensive Plant to Harvest or Sell in Sims 4

The most profitable plants in Sims 4 are the money tree, dragon fruit, death flower, and orchid.

The Most Profitable Plants in Sims 4

Money Tree

The biggest money-making plant in Sims 4 is surely the Money Tree.

If you’re aiming to rake in Simoleons effortlessly, invest 5,000 satisfaction points in a Money Tree. When it’s brimming with produce, you can even snag a seed by transferring it to your inventory. This not only aids in completing your gardening collection but also allows you to cultivate another tree without spending more satisfaction points.

To harvest a mature Money Tree, just click on it and select “Sell All” or “Sell Money Fruit.” Initially, the tree generates five money “fruits,” which are essentially Simoleons, not plantable seeds. The value of the Simoleons you harvest depends on the tree’s quality, ranging from 8,000 for normal quality to an impressive 22,225 when it’s perfect.

Death Flower

If you want a Death Flower in Sims 4, you need to level up your gardening skill to level 5.

You can get Death Flower by grafting several plants. First, you will need Lily, Snapdragon, Apple, and Cherry.

Graft Lily+Snapdragon = Orchid

Graft Apple + Chery = Pomegranate

Graft Orchid + Pomegranate = Death Flower

Death Flower can bring anywhere between 240 to 667 simoleons!

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit is another good way to make money. If you take care of the plant, one Dragon Fruit can give you anywhere from 250 to 695 simoleons. You need to wait for 4 days (96 hours) before you can harvest it.


Orchids can be found in rare seed packets or created through grafting Lily and Snapdragon.

Orchid can bring anywhere between 225 to 625 simoleons!

How to get dragonfruit in Sims 4?

To get dragonfruit in Sims 4, you can:

  1. Buy Rare Seed Packets: These cost $1000 each, but you need to be at least Gardening level 10. However, each packet contains different rare plants so you may not always get what you exactly want.
  2. Grafting: To graft a Dragon Fruit plant, you need a Snapdragon and a Strawberry. Snapdragons are common and can be found in Spring Plants packets for $100. Strawberries are uncommon and can be found in Farmer Flowers and Fruit packets for $75 or Spring Plants packets for $100. You’ll also need to reach Gardening level 5.
  3. Visit San Myshuno Festivals: Sometimes, Dragon Fruit can be found at festivals, especially the Spice Festival.

Once you have Dragon Fruit, plant it by placing the seed on the ground or in a planter box. Keep it healthy by watering, spraying for bugs, and fertilizing. After 96 hours, you can harvest it by clicking on the plant and selecting “Harvest” or “Harvest All.” The fruit will go into your Sim’s inventory and can be sold.

NOTE: You can use Cheats. If you want to max out your gardening skill quickly, you can use the cheat “testingcheats true” and then “stats.set_skill_level Major_Gardening 10.”