How to Remove Sims 4 CC

Do you have a broken CC or weird custom content that you want to get rid of? In this post, you can learn how to remove Sims 4 CC from your computer!

To delete a CC in Sims 4, find the Mods folder on your computer. Open the folder, find the specific CC file you want to remove, then simply delete it. Restart the game to see if the CC has been successfully removed.

Why should you delete a Sims 4 CC? Well, there are several reasons to do it.

First, when you install a CC but then realize that you don’t really like it. Second, when the CC is a recolor and you can’t find the mesh so you can’t actually use the CC. Another thing is maybe there is some error in your game and it’s something caused by a certain CC (so you want to delete a broken CC).

Well, in those cases, you can simply remove the custom content from your computer. Getting rid of broken CC means getting rid of stress. So, it’s a good thing to do!

Learn how to delete Sims 4 CC so you can free up some little space on your computer and have more peace of mind!

How to remove Sims 4 CC

1. Launch The Sims 4 game

Get into the game and make sure that your Sim is clothed in EA default clothing.

2. Find the broken CC

If you’re unsure about which CC to delete, then you will need to find it.

Get into the CAS. Click on each CC on the right side of your screen (the boxes), one by one. Different clicks will result in a different look on your sim, right?
Keep on switching its look until you find the strange look where the CC doesn’t work.
For example, if the CC doesn’t have the required mesh, your sim will probably have some invisible parts on their clothes or body.

When you have found the broken CC, try to remember the name of the CC. When installing the CC to your computer, what was the name of the file? Take a note if needed.

3. Remove the CC

Then, proceed to the real process of deleting that specific CC you want to get rid of. You have two options.

Option 1:

Go to your file explorer. Then, find the documents folder > Electronic Arts folder > The Sims 4 folder > Mods folder. Inside the mods folder, try to find the certain CC file that you want to remove.

Make sure that the CC file has the exact name that you’re looking for. Then, just delete it.

Option 2:

Download The Sims 4 Studio. It’s a free app that you can download. Before launching this program, make sure to close (Exit) your TS4 game.

Once The Sims 4 Studio is installed and updated, click on “My CC”. Give it time to load.

After loading properly, you can see your “Mods” folder, right? You can expand the folder to see other folders inside it.

You can click the file inside it and see the preview. If you’re unsure about the name of your broken CC, try your best guess and click on the file. Then, check the preview. Is it the CC you’re looking for? If not, try to click another CC and keep looking for it until you find the exact file.

Once it’s found, just click “Delete” and “Yes”.

4. Restart the game

Close (Exit) the game and relaunch to check if everything is working properly.

Reasons to remove a certain Sims 4 CC from the game

Why should you remove a custom content from your game? Well, if you have any of these issues, it’s reasonable to remove a certain CC from the game:

The CC is broken

After installing the custom content on The Sims 4, does the game experience some errors? Does your CC refuse to show up? Check everything else and if you’re sure that your new CC is broken, it’s a good idea to just delete it.

After deleting the broken CC, if you still want to get that look on your sim, try to find the updated version of the CC on the creator’s website.

You don’t have the mesh for the CC

Some CC may require a new mesh. If you don’t install the required mesh your CC may refuse to work and your sim might just look weird with that CC.

If possible, try to find the new mesh and download it. However, if you really can’t find the mesh anywhere on the internet, probably you should just delete that CC.

You simply don’t like the CC

When you have installed the CC on the game and then realized that it’s just what you’re not looking for, maybe it’s a good idea to delete the CC.

You never used the CC and don’t intend to

Have you just realized that you have custom content on the game that you never touched and do not intend to use? Just like a home, your computer needs some decluttering too. So, get rid of that CC.

Final thought

Deleting an unwanted or broken CC isn’t difficult. If you only have several CC installed, then you can finish this process in under 30 minutes. However, if you have so many custom contents in your TS4 game, you might need more time. It’s a good idea to declutter your computer from unwanted files, including The Sims 4 CC. It can give your disk a little bit of free space for more useful items!