How to Find Someone’s Old Twitter Username? (NO FANCY TOOLS)

“Whether you’re asking, “How to find old Twitter username?”’ or “How do I find my old Twitter username?” if you’re wondering how to discover someone’s previous Twitter username, you can learn about it here.

And you do NOT need any fancy tools to do that.

Note: Be respectful while digging through tweets and interactions. Privacy matters, even in the world of social media.

How to find old Twitter username

If you want to find an old Twitter username, first, you need to have a rough estimate of when the username transition happened. Then, check old conversations to find the old username in old replies.

Here is a step-by-step process:

Scroll Back in Time

Do you have the CURRENT username of someone on Twitter? Great. Now, visit their profile.

Start scrolling through their tweets, aiming to reach posts from the time BEFORE the username transformation occurred.

That’s why it’s important to have an estimate rough of when the username change happened. If you don’t have any estimation it could be quite difficult to decide when to stop scrolling.

If that happens, use your best guess or if you do have time, scroll until the past year or two years before.

Unearth the Interactions

Keep an eye out for tweets that have received replies or comments from others. These interactions are potential goldmines.

Check the Old Replies

When someone replies to a tweet, normally the beginning of the tweet is the username of someone they’re talking to.

Click on the tweet. If you cannot see the old username just yet, copy and paste that reply into Twitter search box and see who is that user replying to.

And that’s how you can easily find out someone’s old Twitter username for free and easily without any third-party tool!