Greenllamas’ Sims 4 CC

TS4 CC by Greenllamas varies widely in terms of category. You can find almost every kind of TS4 CC on his page including female hair CC, male hair CC, clothing CC, and even furniture CC!

There are so many cool creations by him, most of them are hair CC. And this post will focus on my favorite Greenllamas’ Sims 4 CC.

Greenllamas’ Sims 4 CC

Greenllamas Sims 4 CC Hair “Coral”

greenllamas sims 4  cc hair

Let’s begin this list with this gorgeous, elegant hair CC. This mid-length wavy hair CC is available in 24 EA swatches so you get a wide array of color options to choose from!

It’s base-game compatible, which means you don’t need to purchase any extension packs to enjoy this CC.

It’s also hat-compatible so you can let your sim wear this hair AND a hat and she will still look great!

Greenllamas Sims 4 CC Hair “AUTUMN”

This hairstyle CC is very similar to the one above. It’s also available in 24 EA swatches! It’s hat-compatible and base-game compatible too!

This hair CC looks a bit simpler. If you have an adventurous female sim, this hair might fit her better compared to Coral hair CC (which looks graceful and feminine).

Greenllamas ARIA Hair CC

This custom hair looks so gorgeous 😭

If you want your sim to look more ladylike, go check out this CC and install this on your game and let your sim wear it! It’s so beautiful!

Greenllamas CARNELIAN Hair CC

Do you like braided hairstyles?

If your sim needs mid-length custom hair with a cute braid, consider this one!

It looks youthful and stylish! If your female sim is in her teens or 20s you can let her try this hair!

It comes in 24 EA swatches so pick the one that you love!

Greenllamas CHANEL Hair CC

At a glance, it might look like a black girl hair CC but remember that this hair has 18 color swatches so all sims with all skin tones can wear this hair!

This stunning hairstyle CC is base-game compatible and hat compatible!

Greenllamas ALEXA Hair CC

Do you like messy bob hairstyles?? If so, this hair CC can be a perfect addition to your collection!!

Alexa hair CC is so cool and stylish! Your female sim can wear it every day and pair it with her favorite casual outfit!

Greenllamas BISMUTH Hair CC

Another hair CC for messy bob lovers! It’s available in 24 EA swatches and you can have an ombre if you want! You can download the hair CC itself and download the ombre package separately.

It’s base-game compatible and hat-compatible!

Greenllamas ARDEN Hair CC

If your sim needs a bob haircut with a cleaner look, do check out this hair CC!

It’s available in 18 EA color swatches. Pick the one that suits your sim best!

Greenllamas CLEO Hair CC

Now, if the regular bob hair isn’t short enough for you, check out this short hairstyle! You can pair it with a sharp, modern outfit!

Greenllamas OPAL Hair CC

This maxis match hair CC looks so stylish. It has the firmly confident vibe that you can pair with a nice female suit!

Greenllamas LOIS Hair CC

A wavy bob hairstyle with hairclips? How adorable is that?! This hair CC is perfect for every female sim with a girlish personality. It’s feminine but since it still has some active-energetic-woman vibe. If your sim is a mother let her try this hair!

Greenllamas MAPLE Hair CC

Bob hairstyle with an ombre? How cool is that?!

This hairstyle looks like autumn if you choose the right color! However, you can try any other color that you like!

Greenllamas PARIS Hair CC

Woah! a beautiful wavy hairstyle with highlights!

You can have this hair CC itself but you can also download the highlight accessory separately (there are two versions of it). Once they’re installed, try to find the highlight in the accessory category or face paint category, depending on which version you chose to download.

Greenllamas JULIA Hair CC

If you like a medium-length hairstyle with a headband, maybe you need to check out this hair CC!

This custom hair is available in 18 EA swatches. You can download the hair CC only but you can also download the additional headband file. Once they’re added to your game, you can find the headband in the piercings category.

Greenllamas BIANCA Hair CC

Does your black sim need a new loc hair CC? If so, do check out the Bianca hair CC by Greenllamas!

This custom hair is so creative! You can download the hair CC itself and the hair cuffs package separately. Once they’re installed, the hair cuffs accessory can be found in the accessories category in the game.

So, what do you think? I really hope you can find something cute in this post that you can use in your next gameplay.

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If you know an amazing Sims 4 hair CC by Greenllamas that should be added to this list, please let me know in the comment section below. Thank you and happy simming 😀