What Happened to Ellcrze?

If you’ve been trying to find Ellcrze’s Sims 4 custom content, you might notice that her Patreon page is gone and it’s quite difficult to find her CC links. What happened to Ellcrze?

Ellcrze has reportedly stepped back from her online presence, possibly due to becoming a mother, and there is speculation about a drama surrounding a comment she made on a Sims aesthetic that some considered racist.

We don’t truly understand someone’s true intentions, so let’s wish all the best for her and the Sims community.

What happened to Ellcrze?

If you have been trying to download Ellcrze’s CC, for example, her popular Sims 4 CAS background with mirror, or her aesthetic GShade presets, you might realize that her Patreon page says something like, “sorry, this creator isn’t supporting any patron at the moment“.

ellcrze patreon

Not only her Patreon page, but it also looks like her YouTube and Twitch accounts are all inaccessible anymore.

It is believed that she has taken a break or stepped back from her various online platforms.

The reason remains unclear. Some believed that it was due to a controversial drama around her that left many disappointed. Her comment was considered racist or anti-black. But it is also reported that she is recently being a mother and it may take a lot of her time so it makes sense if she chose to focus on her new phase in life.

We don’t really know someone’s actual intention. But let’s hope all the best for her new role as a mother and for the Sims community.

Where to download Ellcrze’s Sims 4 CC?

At least a simmer has collected an archive so people can download some of Ellcrze’s Sims 4 CC.

Despite the archive not being comprehensive, it still serves as a helpful resource for those who want to continue using and enjoying the content that was captured before it was taken down. It’s a reminder of the impact Ellcrze had on the Sims 4 community, and it allows her work to live on and be appreciated by fans.

See the archives of Ellcrze’s CC on Tumblr.