Does Sims 4 Cost Money?

So, are you interested in playing The Sims 4? This game is so fun to play especially if you love playing dressing-up games when you were little. Now, you might be curious, does Sims 4 cost money?

The answer is pretty straightforward. And you can find it in this post.

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Does Sims 4 cost money?

Yes, The Sims 4 game does cost money. In order to play this game, you will need to download it first from EA. You will need to create an EA account (if you haven’t already), then you will need to make a payment.

How much does Sims 4 cost?

The Sims 4 base game (Standard Edition) normally costs $19.99 for PC/Mac. It’s a one-time purchase. This price can greatly decrease when it’s on sale, sometimes as low as $4.99. Also, this price can vary by location (which country you’re purchasing from).

The base game is sufficient to play with. If you don’t like the standard version, you can choose the Deluxe Edition and then separately purchase expansion packs which vary in price.

If you want to customize your game but you don’t want to buy the expansion packs, you can use fan-made custom content a.k.a Sims 4 CC, and install it on your game. Sims 4 CC is normally free unless it’s early access.

How to buy The Sims 4 Game

You can safely purchase The Sims 4 game on EA’s official website. Go to this page and click your preferred option. I am using Windows so I chose “EA App for Windows”. If you’re using Mac, you can click on the “Origin for Mac”.

Origin is a platform crafted by EA where you can purchase and play video games.

So, how to buy The Sims 4?

Step. 1: Choose your platform. You can choose Windows or Mac according to your situation.

Step 2: Decide if you want to buy the game or just join the game. If you want to have the game installed on your computer, click “Buy The Sims 4”. There is the Standard Edition and The Digital Deluxe Edition, choose the one that you like.

Step 3: Click “Check out”. Here, you might need to log in to your EA account or if you don’t have one you can create a new one. After that, proceed to complete the payment. It’s important to make sure that you enter your email address correctly.

And that’s how you purchase The Sims 4 game. You will need to install this game on your computer so you can play it. So, follow these steps:

Install the Origin on your computer. After that, check your email inbox and open the email from EA. It might take about 10 minutes after the payment is completed. Find the unique code and copy it.

Open your Origin app and paste the code. You should be able to find The Sims 4 game added to your Origin. The installation of The Sims 4 game itself can take about 1 hour before you can actually launch it. So, be patient.

After the game is installed on your Origin app, you can launch it and start playing!

Can you buy The Sims 4 on a laptop?

Yes, of course! You can buy and play The Sims 4 on a laptop. I personally use my Lenovo laptop when I bought this game. It was super easy and I only need to wait about 10 minutes or less until I get the confirmation email that contains the unique code to redeem the product on my laptop.

Conclusion: does The Sims 4 cost money?

Yes, The Sims 4 game costs money. The pricing varies because of discounts, different versions, and locations. You can safely purchase The Sims 4 on EA’s official website.