Best Under Armor Clothing for Fallout 4

Choosing the best Under Armor clothing in Fallout 4 can significantly impact your character’s survivability and effectiveness throughout the game. Let’s take a look at the top options!

Best Fallout 4 Under Armor Clothing for Beginners

Let’s break down some of the best Fallout Under Armor clothing choices!

1. Vault Suit: Your Radiation-Resistant Ally

Your trusty Vault Suit is your go-to option when you begin the game. It provides solid radiation resistance, a must for the irradiated world of Fallout. Moreover, you can upgrade its radiation and energy resistance at an armor workbench to make it even more effective at keeping you safe.

2. SPECIAL Stats Boost: Tailor Your Clothing to Your Build

If radiation isn’t your primary concern, consider clothing that enhances your SPECIAL stats to match your character build. Your choice here will depend on the stats that matter most to you. Keep in mind that not all clothing allows you to wear armor on top of it, so choose wisely.

For Gun Enthusiasts: Minuteman Outfit and Military Fatigues

  • Minuteman Outfit: This outfit is excellent for gun users as it boosts your Perception and Agility, helping you aim better and move more swiftly.
  • Military Fatigues: Offering a +2 bonus to Agility and 5 Energy Resistance, these fatigues are another solid choice for gun-focused characters when radiation isn’t a concern.

For Melee Warriors: Strength Matters

  • Army Fatigues: If you prefer smashing your enemies up close, consider boosting your Strength with Army Fatigues, which also provide a bonus to Agility.
  • Grognak Costume: While it’s technically an outfit and won’t allow you to wear a chest piece, the Grognak Costume is perfect for melee enthusiasts. It offers inherent damage resistance, a +2 bonus to Strength, and a fantastic 20% bonus to melee damage.

NOTE: In Fallout 4, if you wear POWER ARMOR, the clothes you have underneath don’t matter for protection or your stats. The power armor is what mainly decides your damage, energy, and radiation resistance.

Remember to use Ballistic Weave

As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock the ability to add Ballistic Weave to your clothing. With Ballistic Weave, you can upgrade certain clothing items to make them into effective armor. This is where the real fun begins!

The Power of Ballistic Weave

The enhancement to ballistic and energy resistance is as follows:

  • MkI – Increases both ballistic and energy resistance by 30 points.
  • MkII – Enhances both resistances by 45 points.
  • MkIII – Provides a significant boost with 65 additional points to both ballistic and energy resistance.
  • MkIV – Offers top-notch protection by adding 90 points to both resistances.
  • MkV – The ultimate level of Ballistic Weave, granting an impressive 110 points increase to both ballistic and energy resistance.

How to Get Ballistic Weave?

To get the awesome Ballistic Weave, you need to join the Railroad faction and complete missions for them until P.A.M. gives you a special mission called “Jackpot.”

Once you finish that, Tinker Tom will show you how to make your clothes super tough, like turning your regular shirt into a bulletproof superhero suit.

HINT: typically super tough clothes have “Armored” in their names.

And here’s the best part: You can still hang out with other groups in the game without any worries. So, you get the cool gear without missing out on any fun adventures.

Choosing the Right Clothing

Selecting the right clothing to apply Ballistic Weave is crucial. Unfortunately, you cannot add Ballistic Weave to the Vault Suit.

To make the most of this enhancement, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Clothing Piece: Choose a clothing item that complements your character’s needs and playstyle, such as those that provide stat bonuses like strength, agility, charisma, and more.
  2. Maximize Ballistic Weave: Opt for the highest level of Ballistic Weave you can create (MkV for maximum protection) to bolster your defense.

Limitations of Ballistic Weave

While Ballistic Weave is a game-changer, it has its limitations:

  • Incompatible Clothing: Not all clothing can be upgraded with Ballistic Weave. Refer to the Ballistic Weave page for a list of eligible options. Most of these are outfits, and only a few clothing items can be upgraded.
  • Armor Slot Restriction: The clothing items that can be enhanced with Ballistic Weave occupy multiple armor slots, allowing you to wear additional armor pieces. Examples include Army Fatigues, Military Fatigues, and Minuteman Outfit.
  • Radiation Resistance: None of the Ballistic Weave clothing options provide radiation resistance. If you wear Ballistic Weave clothing and a hat, consider adding Lead lining to at least one armor piece for radiation protection.

Maximize Charisma and Intelligence Too!

In Fallout 4, it’s not all about combat; your character’s social and intellectual skills matter too. Here’s how to boost charisma and intelligence in the game:

Charisma Boost

  1. Hats:
    • Newsboy Cap: Found at Diamond City Market.
    • Press Cap: Worn by Piper, a recruitable companion.
  2. Clothing: Many suits and dresses provide a +2 Charisma boost.
  3. Glasses:
    • Black-Rim Glasses: Common, +1 Charisma.
    • Fashionable Glasses: Also +1 Charisma, easy to find.

Intelligence Enhancement

  1. Clothing:
    • Lab Coat: Later-game item, +2 Intelligence.
  2. Glasses:
    • Road Goggles: Rare, +1 Intelligence.
    • Liam’s Glasses: +2 Intelligence, but -1 Charisma. Obtain during “Plugging a Leak” quest (side with Liam).
    • The Captain’s Hat (Far Harbor DLC): +2 Intelligence if you have the DLC.

Legendary Armor Mod

Look for the “Sharp” legendary armor mod, adding +1 to both Intelligence and Charisma.

Efficient Swapping for Noncombat Activities

  1. Charisma Gear: Wear Charisma gear (hat and glasses) for trading or persuasive conversations.
  2. Intelligence Gear: Swap to Intelligence gear for crafting, questing, or intellectual tasks.
  3. Partial Swapping: If it’s cumbersome, switch only glasses and hat for primary Charisma and Intelligence bonuses.

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As you venture forth, remember that in Fallout 4, the right outfit can turn a survivor into a legend! So, choose your Under Armor clothing wisely!